Why You Should Think Twice Before Pulling an All-Nighter

Whether you’re a bright-eyed freshman beginning your first year of college or a 30-something about to partake in passing the California state bar, you should think twice before you stay up all night studying for tomorrow’s big exam. According to a recent Elite Daily story, science proves that cramming for a test is not an efficient way to be academically successful, and that pulling an all-nighter is never a good idea. “Students who study more aren’t necessarily clearing out parts of their days to do so, but (are) tacking on hours late at night instead,” writes author Dan Scotti. And being sleep deprived isn’t going to help with anything: “An adequate amount of sleep is critical for academic success. These results are consistent with emerging research suggesting that sleep deprivation impedes learning.” It’s more beneficial to make time to study in the weeks and days leading up to the test. If you have time, spend a hour each day studying. It may be hard at first, but it’s better in the long run.

To have a great night’s sleep, you’ll need a cozy comforter.

Do you pull all-nighters?