From CB2 Tree Skirts to Ornaments, Our Guide to All-White Holiday Décor

christmas decor

Brett Donar/Stocksy

In addition to the classic white tree skirts and snowflake garlands you might expect to see in any holiday selection, this year's offerings boast minimalist takes on just about every piece of décor you'd want to buy. If the holidays just don't feel like the holidays without red and green, white and blue, or red, black, and green trinkets everywhere in sight, there's no need to pivot.

The terms "holiday décor" and "minimalism" seem inherently pitted against each other: One is about filling every corner of your home with festive baubles while the other prizes a crisp, clean, almost careful aesthetic above all else. These things have to be mutually exclusive—don't they? This season's holiday décor selection would beg to differ. Though many store shelves are lined with glitzy pieces in vibrant palettes, a few of our favorite brands have stocked up on genuinely elegant, all-white holiday decor.

But if you've been searching for ways to maintain your signature minimalist look while celebrating the holidays, the design industry has handed you an opportunity to do so on a silver—ahem, white—platter. 

white tree skirt
West Elm Felt Stars Tree Skirt $100.00 $60.00

This star-lined tree skirt feels rustic, crafty, and festive all at once—the perfect addition to any minimalist décor collection. 

white cactus ornaments
CB2 Luster Cacti Ornaments, Set of 4 $20.00

Cacti might not be an obvious choice for the winter holidays, but there’s no harm in dreaming of warmer weather, is there? Plus, desert décor is definitely having a moment.

Enamel Snowman Stocking Holder
West Elm Enamel Snowman Stocking Holder $40.00 $24.00

Those who don't live in chillier climates may appreciate this miniature enamel snowman. Its enamel makeup gives it a charming mid-century look that we can't resist.

If you don't have a mantel, opt for a credenza. Toss on a gorgeous garland, a few candlesticks, and your go-to stocking hangers, et voila!

snowflake garland
Anthropologie Snowflake Garland $28.00

Snowflake garlands are a classic addition to any holiday décor collection. Traditional décor that fits within the confines of a signature minimalist aesthetic? Don’t mind if we do.

Ceramic Reindeer Ornament
Crate & Barrel Ceramic Reindeer Ornament $6.00

Adorn your holiday tree with a slew of fluffy white deer, or add just one of these sweet ornaments to your carefully curated selection. Either way, this little critter is sure to put a smile on your face every time you see it.

white trees
CB2 Surrey Lacquer Trees, Set of 3 $85.00 $80.00

This sleek tree set may not replace your go-to evergreen, but they’d masterfully adorn any free corner in your home.

Faux-Fur Christmas Stocking
The White Company Faux-Fur Christmas Stocking $55.00

Even if you’re not carefully assembling an all-white-everything décor collection, you can surely appreciate this faux fur stocking. Something this snuggly—and versatile—would make an excellent accent in any home.

Handcrafted Cozy Sheep Christmas Ornament, White, Set of 3
Pottery Barn Handcrafted Cozy Sheep Christmas Ornament, White, Set of 3 $29.00

Though these Pottery Barn ornaments are rustic and crafty, they do not at all lack in elegance and sophistication. Not to mention, they’ll offer dynamic juxtaposition when hung from any evergreen tree. 

Josie Tree Skirt
Anthropologie Josie Tree Skirt $138.00

The Josie tree skirt is basically a fuzzy sweater for your tree, so you're sure to love it as much as you love your coziest knits.

Botanique Wool Ball Garland
Anthropologie Botanique Wool Ball Garland $48.00

This garland is out-of-the-box without demanding too much attention. It’s whimsical, subtle, and fun. Sold!

Jonathan Adler Ceramic Dachshund Menorah $128.00

This Jonathan Adler menorah is a sleek statement piece fit for any Hanukkah celebration. Opt for all-white candles, or take advantage of the opportunity for a subtle pop of color, and go with blue candles, like the ones pictured here.  

Snow Day Paper Snowflakes, Set of 3
Crate & Barrel Snow Day Paper Snowflakes, Set of 3 $25.00

The easiest way to craft an all-white-everything winter wonderland? Hang snowflakes from every ceiling in sight.

feather white wreath
CB2 Feather White Wreath $50.00

Fans of the unexpected will surely love this feather-adorned wreath. Though its texture adds a fun twist, its palette is decidedly refined.

white faux fur tree skirt
CB2 White Faux Fur Tree Skirt $40.00

Faux fur décor can be incredibly bold, but it comes across as cozy and a little bit lavish when done in a subdued palette. Plus, the tree skirt’s fluffy nature is sure to complement the texture of your tree

Theodora Pom Garland
Anthropologie Theodora Pom Garland $32.00

This Anthropologie garland is a minimalist’s dream come true: a line of white pom-poms to match each other (and everything else).

faux fur stocking
CB2 White Faux Fur Stocking $30.00

Nothing says cozy like a fluffy faux fur stocking. This luxurious piece will make a subtle statement and surely turn heads.