An Interior Designer Explains Why the All-White Kitchen Is Still Crazy Popular

Of the many micro-trends that have emerged from the minimalist craze in recent years, you can expect all-white kitchens to stand the test of time (despite the rising popularity of more maximalist trends). It's simple, sophisticated, and leaves plenty of room for experimentation. Consider it a blank canvas for your personal style.

"An all-white kitchen is fresh, clean, and timeless," interior designer Ginny Macdonald tells MyDomaine. "If someone wants to follow trends they can do that with accessories," she continues.

While the idea of white walls, white cabinets, and white décor in the kitchen may sound a touch boring, the style is actually anything but. You can use the neutral color to serve as a backdrop for bolder hues when it comes to smaller details, Macdonald points out. That could mean anything from displaying colorful cookbooks in the open, hanging pots and pans, playing with window treatments, or even adding an accent wall in an unexpected shade of paint.

Whether your entire home is governed by a minimalist mentality or you've simply binged too many episodes of Marie Kondo's new Netflix series (we don't blame you) and are looking to pare down both your material goods and your design aesthetic, the all-white kitchen look may be calling your name. Get inspired by these kitchens that nail the style and shop the looks.