Yes, You Can Buy a Great, King-Sized Mattress For Less Than $1,000


Design by Emily Henderson Design; Photo by Tessa Neustadt

At the risk of sounding dramatic, a mattress is the most important purchase you can make for your bedroom—if not, your entire home. The average person spends a third of their life in bed, so it’s crucial to find a mattress that’s comfortable, supportive, and allows you to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy.

But, jeez, why do mattresses have to be so expensive? While there are plenty of brands that sell mattress for a fair, affordable price, most models will still set you back a couple hundred dollars. Want to buy a sizable King? Well, that will cost you even more. 

When I first learned every size of Allswell’s Luxe Hybrid mattress was sold for under $1,000—yes, even the King and California King—I was a bit skeptical. Simply put, it just seemed too good to be true. What’s the catch? 

allswell mattress
Allswell The Allswell Luxe Hybrid, King $845

Curious to see if a mattress can be comfortable and affordable, I got Allswell’s Luxe Hybrid mattress for my new apartment in San Francisco. After a few weeks of sound sleep, I can confidently say it’s totally possible. 

Like most mattresses on the market, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid boasts a clever combination of coils and foam. There are even three types of foam to give this mattress some extra cushion: High density foam for support, copper-infused memory foam that claims to alleviate muscle and joint pain, and cooling SwirlFoam for the perfect finishing touch.

Though it’s only been a few weeks since I tried Allswell’s Luxe Hybrid mattress, I can already tell you it’s a total game-changer. Not only is having a King bed keeping my boyfriend and me from playing blanket tug-o-war, the mattress itself is also downright comfortable. 

In fact, my boyfriend—who was equally skeptical when I told him about our new mattress—has said this is the best mattress he’s ever slept on. Mic drop.

But perhaps the most amazing part is its price. While most King-sized mattresses cost well over $1,000, this option is one the market for $845. With the slogan “Real Luxury. Unreal Prices,” it’s not all that surprising Allswell lessens the sticker shock by keeping their margins to a minimum. 

Look, I’m no mattress expert. What works for my sleeping preferences may not work for yours. However, if you’re looking for a new, large mattress but the four-digit price tag is enough to keep you up at night, I couldn’t recommend this one more.

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