What Exactly Is the Almased Diet Plan? (Plus, a Step-by-Step Guide)

Sometimes we can't seem to keep up with the diet trends out there—but we are always on the lookout for new ways to make healthy eating easier. So when we heard the Almased diet plan mentioned in conversation, we knew we had to delve deeper. Let's be honest, if we haven't tried Whole30, keto, or the 80-20 plan, we definitely all have a friend who has. And since something different works for everyone with healthy eating (including sometimes following no diet at all), we figure we always need to educate ourselves.

And when it comes to the Almased diet plan in particular, it revolves around four key stages that train your metabolism to work with you. And what exactly is Almased? Well, we'll touch on that more thoroughly below, but it's a type of protein that when incorporated into your diet helps kick your metabolism into gear. So go on, keep reading to learn more about the Almased diet, including pros and cons and exactly what you can eat (and not eat) when you're following it.