5 Things to Talk About Today

  • A lawsuit has been filed against Blue Diamond, the maker of Almond Breeze, claiming just 2% of its "almond milk" contains almonds. So what is the rest of the milk made up of? Mostly water, sugar, carrageenan, and sunflower lecithin. While it isn't specified on the packaging what the actual percentage is, the plaintiffs claim Blue Diamond's packaging, which shows two hands overflowing with almonds, is misleading and "tricks customers into believing the product is made mostly from almonds and that it's healthy." — Time
  • The Google Translate app has expanded its impressive travel tool from seven to 27 languages. The acquired word lens allows users to simply point their camera at written words and immediately receive a translation into their preferred language. The speed and accuracy are due to Google's clever "use of convolutional neural networks." While it isn't a replacement for learning a language, it certainly serves as a pretty handy travel aid for those summer holidays. — TechCrunch
  • The simple childlike act of coloring is being hailed as the new alternative to meditation. The simple technique has been attributed to lowering stress, as it opens up a person's creativity and encourages relaxation. Clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis and Souris Hong, authors of the best-selling adult coloring book Outside the Lines, say there is a "long history of people coloring for mental health reasons" because it allows people to "focus and to allow the subconscious to let go." — Huffington Post
  • It might seem like a simple can of soda, but this is what happens just one hour after drinking Coke. A startling new infographic put together by Renegade Pharmacist details the reaction of your body from the first sip to 60 minutes after the last. Just in the first 10 minutes, you have consumed more than 100% of your daily sugar intake, next the popular fizzy drink starts to deplete your body of essential nutrients such as calcium and zinc, and then your body ups the dopamine and many other crazy things in between until the final sugar crash. — Daily Mail
  • During his show, Jimmy Kimmel made an emotional tribute to Cecil the Lion and slammed accused hunter Walter Palmer. The 13-year-old lion was a huge star at the Hwange National Park after he was made famous during an Oxford University research project. Kimmel, clearly upset about the death, asked fans to donate money to Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. Palmer released a statement of regret, which claims he was unaware of the lion's fame. — Us Weekly