10 of the Most Unique Christmas Trees We've Seen This Holiday Season

bottle brush christmas trees

Michelle Patrick / EyeEm / Getty Images

For many, the ritual of buying a Christmas tree is a bookend that marks the start of the holiday season. There’s something inherently magical about selecting one lush evergreen from the many on display—about bringing it home with you, standing it up in your living room, and adorning it with every sparkly, memory-filled ornament you’ve amassed over the years. This custom is a beautiful one. But equally beautiful is the decision to alter this classic tradition so that it becomes more unique, more personal, more you

Fluffy fresh evergreens (and their reusable faux counterparts) abound every fall and winter. But anything-but-average Christmas tree options are just as abundant. Stores are lined with pink pines, teal firs, silver spruces, and conifers in every other shade imaginable. Some holiday trees are crafted in new silhouettes: small forms that scrunch up to fit in even smaller boxes, narrow trees that look surprisingly sleek, miniature trees with sparse greenery and spines that bend over to create new shapes. 

There are so many unique Christmas trees on the market that the selection process can be ceremonial in its own right—even if it doesn’t involve wading through the woods in the snow and watching as the tree you’ve picked gets chopped down. Clicking “add to cart” may not feel particularly romantic, but perusing the market’s selection until you’ve found a holiday tree that deeply resonates with you? That’s its own kind of special. (Plus, nothing beats the excitement of anxiously awaiting the tree’s arrival on your doorstep—and tearing open the package the moment you see it.) 

pop up christmas tree
Urban Outfitters This Book Is a Christmas Tree $15

This holiday tree gives new meaning to the words “out-of-the-box.” (Or should we say, “out-of-the-book”?) Order it, and it’ll arrive on your doorstep in the form of an actual book that folds out to create the tree you see photographed here. Not only is this approach incredibly charming, but it’s incredibly space-efficient, too. Just fold the thing back up once you’re done with it, and store it until next holiday season. 

gold christmas tree
West Elm Gold Frasier Tinsel Tree $500

This stunning gold tree is unconventional without veering too far from tradition. Its silhouette and palette feel both contemporary and classic—nodding to holiday customs, while elevating some of the most underrated motifs around.

burlap wrapped treee
Target 13.5" Burlap Wrapped Plastic Natural Tree $3

This excessively affordable tree is charming in its uniqueness. Almost cactus-like in form, this tree feels rustic and Western at once. Decorate it or leave it unadorned—either way, it’s sure to make a statement. 

iron tree
Anthropologie Jute Wrapped Iron Tree $188

This Jute Wrapped Iron Tree is the perfect option for those who’ve always preferred the trees winter left bare to those that stayed fluffy year-round. Drape it with décor to lend it some holiday spirit, and prepare for your tree to turn heads every time you host guests.

nostalgia tree
Urban Outfitters Light-Up LED Nostalgia Christmas Tree $69

Fans of all things retro and reusable will surely adore this nostalgic Christmas tree, which pays homage to the holiday in a sturdier, more fixed form. No lights, tinsel, or ornaments needed—this ceramic tree will shine on its own.

pink christmas tree
Urban Outfitters Christmas Tree In A Tube $24

This lovely pink Christmas tree literally comes packaged in a tube—an approach that’s unique, space-efficient, and a little bit fun. Those who prefer a more traditional palette will be delighted to know this Christmas Tree in a Tube is also available in a more classic shade of green. 

bottle brush tree
Target Small Glitter Tree $5

These tiny, sparkly trees offer fun and versatility in equal measure. The minimalist palette is sure to lend itself well to any aesthetic, and the trees’ silhouettes are variously unique. Want something a little more traditional? Opt for the charcoal evergreen. Craving something a little more original? Try the gold tiered option. Can’t decide what you want? Mix and match all three. 

charlie brown christmas tree
Urban Outfitters Charlie Brown Christmas Tree $24

Who can resist the classic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree? Original in its form, but absolutely nostalgic in origin. 

hanging tree
Target Hanging Twig Christmas Tree $15

One of the most unique approaches around? Hanging a holiday tree from your wall—or rather, hanging some representation of a holiday tree from your wall. Because really, who said the thing had to stand up?

faux alpine tree
Anthropologie Faux Alpine $88+

A classic tree rendered in a slightly-less-classic silhouette, this Faux Alpine is a worthy addition to any home. Whether you’d call your aesthetic “fun,” “sleek,” or “edgy,” this Faux Alpine can surely earn a place in it. Load it up with ornaments or leave it as is—either way, it’s sure to dazzle.

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