13 Alternative Wedding Bouquet Ideas

We’re not going to knock any wedding bouquets here—hello, flowers!—but we understand the desire to have your wedding bouquet (and every last ceremonial detail) stand out from the crowd of traditional arrangements. To that end, we’ve curated a gorgeous selection of bouquet inspiration to ensure you’re far from a #basicbride on your big day. From unusual plants like amaranth to a festive non-floral alternative, these ideas below will hopefully get your wheels turning.

Swoon Over It

A Wreath

A wreath in hand is a totally fresh idea we haven't seen idea. Plus, it's easy to walk down the aisle with—or even dangle from your wrist.

Jasmine Star


With dense, feathery plumes and a soft pink hue, astilbe have a dreamy quality, yet they're totally fresh and unusual.

Stacey Pentland Photography

Olive Branches

A vineyard or Italian-inspired wedding is a shoo-in for a bouquet of olive branches.



Succulent bouquets are nothing new, but we love the inclusion of cacti in particular in this arrangement. The prickly little guys are the ultimate in California cool.

Lauren Scotti


This cool South African flowering plant has such a statement-making, architectural quality. There's nothing basic about it.

Sarah Kate

Kale Flowers

Kale flowers, in green or purple, make a beautiful addition to a wedding bouquet, as they lend a pastoral, garden-like look.

Katie May

Long-Stemmed Flowers

We love the idea of leaving the stems of your bouquet long and exposed. It's not as prim as a bouquet that's cut short and wrapped in ribbon.

Kiss the Groom


Balloons are a fun and festive idea for the bride who wants to forego flowers and plants altogether.

Jen Wojcik Photography


A few fern leaves added to any bouquet create an element of surprising, as well as elegant draping.

Izzie Rae


A bushel of lavender is a gorgeous and fragrant bouquet idea for a French Provençal or wine country wedding.

Colour Me Rad


With densely packed, dangling flowers and a vivid burgundy hue, amaranth is utterly romantic. 

Hailley Howard Photography

Air Plants

Succulents, as we mentioned, are everywhere, but we love the idea of using air plants in a wedding bouquet for an unexpected and textural element.

AMW Studios

A Cascade Bouquet

If you want to "go big or go home," try a cascade bouquet on your big day. It may be a bitter heavier than others, but it makes up for its weight with style and grace.

Any other alternative bouquet ideas to share? Let us know below.

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