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Interview With Alyce Tran
The Daily Edited

You’ve probably heard of The Daily Edited (TDE), and for an accessories label that only launched in 2014, its widespread cult following proves that even saturated markets still have room for innovation and cut through.

TDE started as a blog that founders Alyce Tran and Tania Liu used as a creative outlet—an escape from their burgeoning law careers. Soon after, the power-duo had an idea, and took a risk to fill a gap in the market. "I’ve always loved personalisation and before us there weren’t many brands offering the service at an attainable price point. I love the all of the products we create and being able to add a luxury service such as personalisation and constantly expanding on these options has been fantastic for the brand."

In a recent study conducted by American Express, of every dollar spent in Australia, a quarter of that goes to small businesses, which proves that (even in a world of fast-fashion) there is still success to be found with niche brands who are creating a high-quality and refined product. From humble blog, to internationally successful brand, we sat with founder Alyce Tran, to learn how this successful entrepreneur worked her way up the business ladder, and continues to expand her offering. With a brand new flagship store opening in Westfield Sydney, we know this is still just the beginning of TDE’S accessory empire.

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Interview With Alyce Tran
The Daily Edited

MyDomaine Australia: How long was the initial process from the first idea to the product launch? 

Alyce Tran: It took a couple of iterations from our initial design to the final product. I’d say probably around eight weeks. We work really hard and still to this day it only takes us six or so weeks to take a product from idea to the market.

MD: You were one of the first accessory brands to offer bespoke accessories for consumers at an affordable price, how do you make sure your brand is consistently evolving and offering something different each season? 

AT: We are always thinking about new shapes, colours, and services to extend into. We are also releasing a new printing technique in the coming weeks which I’m hoping everyone will love.

MD: You were previously a lawyer, what were some of the most helpful transferable skills that you've been able to use in your business? 

AT: I worked in a tough environment, working long hours and doing work that was actually intellectually difficult at times and as a result I have a strong work ethic, think logically and work very well under pressure. These more intangible skills are what have helped me in running the businesss, it’s not as if I’m drafting a contract every day at TDE.

Interview With Alyce Tran
The Daily Edited

MD: Was there a time where TDE was your side-hustle, while you were supporting yourself with working as a lawyer?

AT: Yes, we worked on our accessories line for about 18 months before we left our full-time jobs. I would leave work at 7 p.m, monogram and pack orders until midnight and get up at 7 a.m to go back to work. I literally took all the packages to work with me and carried them down to the GPO during my lunch breaks to lodge the parcels to be sent out to our very first customers. I essentially just worked day and night and blindly just serviced our customers not really having a bigger-picture agenda. It was hard work and I was very relieved when we had saved enough money for us to both quit our jobs.

MD: Are there any specific morning/night rituals you do every day? 

AT: I have personal training four mornings a week and on the other days I still hit the gym, I hate the feeling of not having exercised! At night I like to wind down by watching an episode of something easy, like The Mindy Project or Modern Family and read for 20 minutes or so.

MD: For anyone wanting to start their own business, where’s the best place to start?

AT: I think the main thing is that you get going. Research what you would like to make and how to offer the service you want to offer from others. Try it out on your friends and get their feedback. Be willing to change it up and pivot with feedback. Make prototype after prototype—we constantly iterate samples of our products to ensure what we bring to market is amazing.

MD: Are there any productivity hacks you have, to make sure to-do list gets completed every day?

AT: I use Slack and Asana in attempts to keep organised and my movements visible to my team. I add tasks to key team members', Asana task lists to ensure nothing is missed and it's an easy place for me to check back on where we are at without annoying them with shouting across the office, phone calls, and emails! I love Slack as I can see what is happening in each of my physical store locations in one place, as my team post up pictures of each of our stores and banter across the channels as well as identify issues. It's a nice way to keep on top of everything.

MD: When it comes to carving out a career that you want, what do you think some of the biggest sacrifices have been for you?

AT: I don’t have a lot of time to socialise and Netflix and chill. At times I have had to decline invitations from friends as I figure there's no point in catching up if I am going to be on my phone the whole time. I think this is OK, as I feel like everything I do will pay off in the long run. "

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