Pinterest Is Obsessed With This Vine-Covered Restaurant

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Last week we were in a flurry about the outrageous $189 flights on offer to Italy, so naturally our attention has turned to the next step: planning a trip. No matter what appeals to you about the stunning European country—pasta, piazzas, prosecco, the list goes on—there's one destination that belongs on your itinerary. Located less than four hours' drive south of Rome, the Amalfi Coast is the fairytale region of Italy.

Even if you've never ventured to Italy, chances are you're familiar with the achingly beautiful attractions of the Amalfi Coast. Every vista looks like it was staged for a photograph, with dripping vines covering centuries-old archways that frame sunset over the ocean. It's everything you want from an Italian sojourn and then some.

To take the pain out of planning, we've rounded up the most stunning photographs that took off on Pinterest—and found out where to find them IRL. From a vine-covered restaurant in Positano to a cliffside infinity pool near Conca dei Marini, here's where to go to make your wildest Pinterest dreams a reality. Arrivederci! The Amalfi Coast beckons.

What: It's not hard to see why Chiara Ferragni's photograph of picturesque Mediterranean-blue beach umbrella is a favorite on Pinterest. This scene is typical of the Amalfi Coast, where hundreds of tourists soak up the sun on every patch of white sand available. 

Where: This snap was taken in Capri, a tiny island off the coast of Positano. Capri is famous for its Blue Grotto, a cave with water that glows azure, thanks to an underwater cavity that acts as a sunlight shaft. 

Pro Tip: If you're only planning a couple of days in the region, base yourself in Positano and book a private boat tour to explore Capri. A day trip is enough to explore the beaches, shops, and major sites. 

What: This fairytale vine-covered restaurant has gone viral on Pinterest. It's actually a photograph of Le Sirenuse, a legendary luxury boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast.

Where: Le Sirenuse is located in Positano, arguably one of the most breathtaking towns in the region. It's situated up the iconic hillside and boasts incredible views of the candy-colored historic buildings that dot the area.

Pro Tip: You don't have to stay at Le Sirenuse to enjoy it. Book in advance and enjoy a glass of prosecco in the restaurant with views of the ocean.

What: Almost every doorway begs to be photographed in Italy, and this heavenly scene is no exception. 

Where: This is a photograph of Villa Cimbrone, a historic mansion in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. Dating back to the 11th century AD, the once-private family villa is now a luxury hotel. 

Pro Tip: Again, you don't have to be a guest at the hotel to explore the stunning structure and gardens. The manicured grounds are open to the public and offer views over the Meditteranean and dramatic coast below. 

What: One of the most distinguishable parts of the Amalfi Coast is the color of the buildings. No matter where you look, hundreds of terra-cotta and pastel-hued buildings dot the cliffside, like in this viral snap.

Where: This is a photograph of Atrani, a city located east of Amalfi. If you've hired a car, it's a short drive down the coast to reach this picturesque spot.

Pro Tip: If you're visiting in July, try to time your trip on July 22. That's when the Festival of Santa Maria Maddalena is celebrated, and the cobbled streets will be lit with firework displays.

What: Gray Malin's iconic artwork gives us a glimpse of some of the hidden coves and secret patches of sand waiting to be explored on the Amalfi Coast.

Where: Malin's famous aerial photograph was taken in Positano. He shot if from a doorless helicopter, allowing him access to private beaches inaccessible to the public.

Pro Tip: Hire a boat and do a day trip from Positano to find your own secret beach—there are tons of coves and swimming spots waiting to be discovered.

What: It's easy to see why this image of a woman in an infinity pool on the edge of a cliff is a favorite on Pinterest. It's one of the most-pinned pictures of the region. 

Where: This jaw-dropping swimming pool is in Monastero Santa Rosa, a secluded retreat surrounded by fragrant lemon tree-filled tiered gardens. Centrally located, it's near the quaint fishing village of Conca dei Marini.

Pro Tip: You'll want to spend a few nights in this idyllic retreat. All 20 guest rooms have ocean views so you can enjoy the scenery without spending all your time in the pool. 

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Trying to track down the location of a dreamy Pinterest image? Share the link with us below and we'll ID it for you!

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