"I Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way": A Mom on Raising Her Son With Down Syndrome

Amanda Booth discovered her son, Micah, had Down syndrome when he was 4 months old. The L.A.-based model says she wouldn’t have it any other way and wants to dispell popular misconceptions about the genetic disorder. At 11 months old, Micah landed a deal with a talent agency, and together, the duo are bringing awareness and visibility to children with Down syndrome.


I’ve wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a bunch of younger siblings, and I’ve always felt as though I naturally took on a maternal role—I was a babysitter for most of my adolescence, I fostered and adopted many animals, always went to bed early, and never went out partying. I feel like I’ve been mothering for forever! But Micah, my son born with Down syndrome, changed me.

Micah has more energy than I’d ever know what to do with! He’s very loving and funny, and will do just about anything for a snack! I love that he’s different and that I get to connect with the deepest parts of him that he rarely lets other people see. I love that he’s my little koala bear, and my arms are his branches. I love the way he beams when I enter a room. And I love thinking that it will always be that way, and that’s precisely because of Down syndrome.