These Foods Are Way Cheaper If You Buy Them on Amazon

Updated 06/21/17
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We're used to perusing Amazon for everything from yoga bands to career books, but it turns out the retail giant has another department that deserves your attention: food. Aside from saving you from schlepping to the grocery store this summer, Amazon's food section also offers serious savings. 

Refinery29 points out that it's possible to save even more than the price listed next to each product. If you plan to reorder the item regularly (think essentials like grains or olive oil), select the "subscribe and save" option for an even cheaper price. Plus, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll get speedy shipping for free. 

Convinced? Here are the six foods that are way cheaper if you buy them on Amazon:

Do you buy groceries on Amazon? Share your favorite picks below. 

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