No Lie: Amazon and Martha Stewart Just Launched a Meal Delivery Service

Updated 07/18/17

Amazon's gradual world takeover continues with its Amazon Fresh meal kit service, which went live this morning. The move comes as a threat to similar meal delivery services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, which are considerably more expensive and require long-term customer subscriptions.

What's more is that the meal kits, created in partnership with Tyson, Martha Stewart, and Marley Spoon, are already selling out, reports Business Insider. Customers can order stir-fries, burgers, tacos, chicken sandwiches, and more straight to their door for around $10 per serving. Each kit contains the exact ingredients to make meals for two to four people, depending on the brand. And unlike many existing meal kits, customers can order these meals as a one-off trial as opposed to signing up for a month's supply of food.


The kits have gotten mixed reviews so far. "I've ordered many 'box' dinners in the past including from HelloFresh and Blue Apron. This … meal from Martha and Marley ranks up there with some of the best-tasting I've ordered," reads one four-star review of Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon's Steak and Potatoes. Others weren't as impressed. "Our dinner was ruined as soon as I opened the box," reads a one-star review of the same meal. "The green beans were spoiled, so we had to throw them away. We created our own recipe with the remaining ingredients."

While only time will tell if the meal kits will be a success, the move speaks to Amazon's efforts to dominate every market it can feasibly get its hands on. The e-commerce giant launched a fashion section earlier this year, in addition to fresh groceries, gourmet food, and a streaming service similar to Netflix, both in nature and in price.

Have you tried Amazon's meal delivery kits? If so, share your review below.

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