Your Ultimate Last-Minute Shopping Guide From Amazon Prime


Original Illustration by Haobin Ye

Hosting a Christmas Eve party can be stressful—while you may have planned your menu and table décor weeks in advance, there are always last-minute errands as you realize you forgot to buy taper candles or that you ran out of lemons. Cue a mad rush to the store, braving the crowd of procrastinators to buy everything from cocktail picks to gift tags and flavored pistachios. Meanwhile, your hair is not getting styled and your pie is burning in the oven.

Instead of braving the pre-holiday crowds this year, save yourself some time and have everything delivered to your door in under an hour with Amazon Prime. It'll leave you more time to perfect your eyeliner and clear off the counter. To help you anticipate your every need, we rounded up 17 easy-to-forget dinner party essentials that you'll definitely need. Did you oversee any of these holiday must-haves? Add them to your Amazon cart now.

What will you be adding to your Amazon Prime cart this Holiday?