9 Last Minute Amazon Finds to Treat Yourself to This Valentine’s Day

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Though many lament the idea of being single on Valentine’s Day, the experience is actually an incredibly underrated one. You’re left alone to eat whatever you want, to drink whatever you want, and really, to do whatever you want. The only other holiday that invites you to treat yourself so thoroughly is your birthday—and most of the time, that day doesn’t end up being as self-centered as intended. Instead of eating all your favorite foods, you end up dining at whatever restaurant can accommodate you and the myriad loved ones who’d like to spend your birthday with you. Sweet? Of course. But when the goal is to be as unabashedly self-indulgent as possible, it often falls short. 

Viewed through this lens, being single on Valentine’s Day is an undeniably beautiful thing. You get to pick the restaurant—even better, you get to snuggle up at home while the food’s delivered to your door. You get to select the bottle of wine (and enjoy that bottle in its entirety). You get to choose the movie, or TV show, or whatever it is you want to watch. And you also get to pause it at your leisure. Ill-timed bathroom break? Who cares—you’re the only one there. 

Rarely are we invited to do exactly what we want exactly when we want to, but Valentine’s Day encourages us to do just that—at least, it does when we’re single. And all of us should lean into the holiday’s inherent invitation to indulge as hard as we possibly can. Buy yourself your favorite chocolates. Stock up on candles that make you feel at home. Invest in that excessively luxurious robe you’ve been eyeing for ages. There are so many ways to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day that there’s no reason not to

Buy yourself your favorite chocolates. Stock up on candles that make you feel at home. Invest in that excessively luxurious robe you’ve been eyeing for ages.

So treat yourself to all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can possibly dream up. And do yourself one better: Order them all on Amazon Prime. You’re too important to waste effort going to a store in-person, to waste time waiting for something to ship, or to waste money paying for something to arrive before February 14. Being single on Valentine’s Day means gifting yourself a holiday of absolute self-indulgence. Respect the ritual—go all in.

Swan Star Peel-Off Mask

peel off mask


You don’t have to be a face mask person to appreciate the inherent joy of covering yourself in pore-cleaning glitter while chilling at home by your lonesome. Even if you never use this mask again, it’s sure to be a worthwhile purchase—for just $13, you can enjoy some silly selfie fodder.

Snake Plant with Mid-Century Modern Planter and Plant Stand

snake plant


Why buy yourself flowers this Valentine’s Day when you could instead invest in a full-on plant? Not only will this plant exponentially outlive the average flower bouquet, but it also comes in its own container—which happens to be a chic, mid-century modern planter.

SpaLife Hand, Foot, Nail, and Face 10 Piece Spa Set

spa set


If you’re a die-hard mask fan, don’t stop at one face mask. Buy a sheet mask set, complete with hand masks, foot masks, and nail/cuticle masks, too. Sure, you won’t be able to do much while absolutely covered in moisturizing products. But what do you really need to do besides feel cozy and watch your favorite film?

Cooling Weighted Blanket Deluxe Set

weighted blanket


Use this Valentine’s Day as an excuse to treat yourself—we mean really treat yourself. Invest in that luxe product you’ve been eyeing for months, even if (and especially if) it’s an $80 blanket you can’t stop dreaming of cozying up under.

Amaki Herbal Bath Soak Blend

bath soak


In lieu of gifting yourself a full-on spa set, buy a spa-worthy trinket or two and indulge in an absolutely extravagant bath. These bath flowers and salts will go a long way in upping the luxury of bathtime, without turning your tub into an absolute spectacle. (Bath bombs are cute, but we’d take a therapeutic bath over a photogenic one any day.)

Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser


If you’re not a candle person—and even if you are—consider gifting yourself an essential oil diffuser this Valentine’s Day. Life is better when your smells delightful, and this cute little find doubles as a humidifier (and triples as a night light).

Heated Bed Socks

heated bed socks


Cozy slippers are always a good idea, and these microwaveable options are a particularly good fit for those who are always cold. Sure, microwaving your house shoes may seem weird at first. But think of it this way: You’ll want something to do while watching your favorite movie, and you won’t want that thing to be too involved. Eating delicious food fits that bill. And microwaving cozy slippers you can’t wait to slide your feet into does, too.

Copper Flask and Funnel Set

copper flask


You can’t actually buy alcohol on Amazon, but you can buy a sleek flask to house your favorite spirit. So celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a libation of your choosing, and consume it in motivational copper flask form.

Women's Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe

plush bathrobe


If there were ever an occasion to splurge on a robe, this is it. This super plush option is sure to keep you as cozy as your favorite blanket, and it’ll only run you $37. Slip it over your favorite lingerie set (you can wear it just for you!) or your coziest pajamas, and get snuggly.

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