Amazon Prime Members Get Whole Foods Discounts at All 365 Stores Nationwide

Updated, June 25, 2018:

We first learned of the Amazon and Whole Foods merger around this time last year, but one of the biggest perks of all is finally being rolled out. As Food & Wine reports, all Amazon Prime members will get exclusive Whole Foods discounts at all 365 Whole Foods stores nationwide, starting this Wednesday, June 27. Members can look for items with yellow sales tags, which indicates an additional 10% off for Prime members only. For the nationwide rollout this Wednesday, Amazon Prime shoppers can look out for the below discounts: 

- Baby back pork ribs, animal welfare rated and no antibiotics, $4.99/lb (save $5/lb)
- Sockeye salmon, wild caught Marine Stewardship Council–certified, $13.99/lb (save $6/lb)
- Organic red cherries, $3.99/lb (save $2/lb)
- Organic yellow peaches, $1.99/lb (save $2/lb)
- Mochi ice cream, including flavors like chocolate, salted caramel, and green tea, self-serve, 5/$5
- All bulk items, including nuts, granola, and dried fruit, 25% off
- Organic Honest Lemonade, 32 oz., 2/$3