Amazon's New Grocery Stores Will Be Total Game Changers

Updated 10/12/16
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After revolutionizing online retail, Amazon has set its sights on disrupting traditional retail with a new line of mini grocery stores that might very well change the way we go shopping.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the first of Amazon’s brick-and-mortar grocery stores is slated to open in its home base of Seattle, where the e-commerce giant also opened its first physical bookstore late last year. The company has touted its bookstore as “a physical extension of,” in the way it “integrates the benefits of offline and online book shopping.”

It looks like its grocery stores will also abide by Amazon’s signature ethos, which values speed and convenience above all else. The stores will function in symbiosis with Amazon Fresh, the company’s ultra-popular grocery delivery service that charges Amazon Prime members an extra $15 a month. The stores, which are reportedly being dubbed “Project Como,” will sell standard perishable items like produce, meat, and dairy, much like a regular grocery.

The real innovation will be with the chain’s drive-in pickup areas, where consumers can pick up the groceries that they ordered online prior to visiting the store. There will be a touchscreen available for those who hate searching aisle after aisle for that elusive condiment. Instead, your favorite bottle of mustard will presumably be searchable via an in-store database.

When reached for comment, Amazon stayed mum on when we might expect to see “Project Como” fully operational, but considering the breakneck speed at which the company tends to expand, expect to see them sooner rather than later.

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