The Wedding Registry Experience We've All Been Waiting For

We’ve come a long way since the era when brides moved straight from their childhood homes into their newlywed starter nest. While many of us have moved around, had roommates, lived alone, and even bought our first homes before tying the knot, the registry tradition has stayed unchanged for decades. We’re only starting to see a glimpse of alternative registry options, which include funding honeymoons, building art collections, making donations to charity, or filling up wine cellars.

As a purveyor of, well, everything, it was only a matter of time before Amazon changed the wedding registry game, and this week, it finally has. Amazon unveiled its new registry experience on Wednesday with an elegant reception at New York’s Haven’s Kitchen. The e-commerce giant partnered with notable registry-friendly brands, such as MoMA, Jonathan Adler and Michael C. Fina, to introduce expertly curated collections to fit any type of wedding, from Scandinavian to Hollywood chic.

The benefits of registering through Amazon include a one-time 10% completion wedding gift, which can be used up to 90 days after the big event, and a trackable thank-you list so you can thank your guests appropriately, even if they forgot to sign their name on the card.

As if registering for everything and anything on the Amazon catalog wasn’t enough, brides and grooms can now add items from the world wide web to a “universal” registry by adding Amazon’s "Add to Registry" widget to the bookmarks bar, reducing all your shopping to effectively one digital cart. The drawback? You have to register your wedding before having access to the platform, which means providing your wedding date, venue and all the other details that may not be solidified before you can start browsing Amazon’s expansive collection. Ready to register for anything from camping gear to electronics? Explore offerings from the new Amazon registry experience below.

What unusual item would you register for? Tell us in the comments below.