30 Amazon Subscriptions to Put Your Life on Autopilot

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature is a real game changer. The service offers seamless, automatic, hassle-free delivery and wildly competitive price points on everything from toilet paper to brazil nuts. Subscribe to five or more products, and you’ll receive 15% off on top of free shipping.

Set your own delivery schedule in monthly intervals from every one to six months. There is zero commitment, and you can cancel or change your order online at any time, day or night. Zero downside, all the savings.

Looking to throw your shopping list into autopilot? Keep scrolling for our list of go-to products.


Paper Towels ($2.28/count): Skip the Costco line and spend Saturday in the great outdoors.

Coffee K-Cup Pods ($0.54/count): Your daily morning fix delivered to your doorstep once a month. This also offers a great opportunity to track your caffeine habit.

Trash Bags ($0.25/count): The everyday essentials are a no-brainer for subscription. Entertaining? It’s easy to bump up your quantity with a single click.

Swiffer Pads ($0.23/count): Gauge how often you run through your household cleaning supplies, and set your monthly subscription accordingly. As a bonus, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view on fixed expenditures for the month.

Sponges: Sponges should be regularly replaced to avoid collecting bacteria. Order in bulk once a month.

Brazil Nuts ($0.84/ounce): Have a go-to snack? Add it to your service. Naturally high in selenium, brazil nuts are a superfood.

Green Tea ($0.09/count): In the event your monthly coffee habit gets too real, switch to antioxidant-fueled green tea.


Aspirin ($0.08/count): If you consistently run through medicine cabinet supplies, add them to the list. Don’t use them too often? Add a six-month delivery. The more items you subscribe to, the higher your overall discount.

Lotion: Your beauty routine has staples. Instead of making a pilgrimage to CVS, add your nail polish remover, body lotion, and Q-tips here.

Organic Deodorant ($2.63/ounce): Fresh to death.

Argan Oil ($4.75/fluid ounce): Perfect year-round, from repairing dry skin to split ends, argan oil is an all-purpose beauty treatment you’ll want to keep on hand.

Toothbrushes: If you’re Airbnbing your place or hosting friends, add in guest room essentials and cross one more thing off your hostess list.

Contact Lens Solution ($0.79/fluid ounce): Anything you use on the daily is fair game for a subscription.

Baby Wipes ($0.04/count): Grab the travel pack version if you’re on the go. Great for quickly disinfecting airline germs.

Bar Soap: Shower staples get a big green light.

Diapers ($0.25/count): Diaper subscriptions are a godsend. You’ll save big, and there are plenty of organic, natural brands available.

Shampoo: Run out of shampoo faster than conditioner? No problem. Just set them for different delivery intervals.

Toilet Paper ($1.07/count): Worth it alone for not having to haul in the bulky package from car.

Toothpaste: You’ll be needing floss as well.

Tampons ($0.04/count): The subscription rate for this is intuitive.

Razors: Blades and disposables both available.


Laundry Detergent ($0.31/fluid ounce): Stock up on your go-to brand. The service has a range of options, including organic, all-natural detergents.

Dog Food: Coming home from work only to realize a late-night pet food run is in order is no fun. Just have Fido's food delivered.

Cat Food: Odds are your pet has a measured and precise dining routine. Ordering the same quantities each month is as easy as it gets.

Cat Litter: Make a list of things you never want to run out of. Exhibit A.

Kleenex ($1.95/count): No more multiple trips to the car to bring in groceries. The usual suspects go right to your front door. It's so civilized.


Highlighters: Sign up for your office must-haves, and have supplies delivered once a month.

Printer Toner: There’s nothing worse than running out when you need a document. Never again.

Pens: Due to their magic ability to disappear into thin air, available in bulk for your convenience.

Mechanical Pencils: There’s the option of refillable lead or full packs of pencils.

Batteries ($0.29/count): Mousepads and keyboards are a steady drain. Keep them well juiced without a second thought.

Pura d'Or 100% Pure & USDA Organic Argan Oil $19
Tom's of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste $8
Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent $25
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner $13

Do you use Subscribe & Save? Tell us your favorite essentials below. 

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