8 Summer Home Trends I Found for Less on Amazon

Bedroom with black, white, and yellow color palette.

 Monica Wang

Let me preface this by saying that as a person who is into home design, I believe in quality over quantity and would totally invest in something spendy that will stand the test of time—a beautiful cashmere throw, an Eames chair, an antique farmhouse table. But there are certain things that you just shouldn’t be paying top dollar for, especially if you’re into changing up your space on the reg. I’m talking about trendy things, because, well, colors, fabrics, silhouettes, and decorative motifs come and go. And you might find that the silk tie dye pillow cases you splurged on a month ago reminds you of summer camp—but now in a bad way.

Definitely buy what you love and can afford. But if you’re at all unsure about trying out a trend, my friends, Amazon is the answer. I’ve been legit impressed with how fashion forward Amazon’s newish in-house home brands are and the scope of what vendors and items (live plants, y’all!) are available there for decorating these days. You can find some of what’s happening in both the high end market and the interior design trade space on the site too, and I’m not mad at it. These are the items I’m eyeing right now, all available on Amazon for less than you’d expect. So go ahead and try a trend (or two) and still save for that investment piece. 

Woven Texture

Rattan lamp
Amazon Luhu Table Pendant Lamp $145

Woven materials like seagrass, jute, and rattan have been hot for a while now, as part of the overall nature-inspired interiors trend. And yeah, if you want to spend a fortune on an oversized basket pendant light, you could. But I love the idea of this airy, Kouboo rattan table lamp instead. You don’t have to install it, which is a plus, and you still get that same outdoorsy, relaxed decorative touch for just a little over a hundred bucks.

Southwestern Style

Red and orange Southwestern-inspired rug.
Amazon Rivet Modern Medallion Area Rug $66

Desert vibes and earthy sunset shades are coming in strong this summer. But this look can be tough to pull off on a budget, since rugs and other textiles are often the way to do it, and they tend to be on the pricey side. But not this orange flatweave, which starts at about $66 for a 3-foot by 5-foot size. That’s a lot of rug for the cost.

Tropical Patterns

Green palm-printed wallpaper
Amazon Exotic Leaves Removable Wallpaper $35

The palm print is here to stay, folks, particularly during the summer. I mean, it’s the perfect counterpart to black-and-white cabana stripes. But that doesn’t mean you should paper your walls with the spendy, iconic Martinique banana leaf wallpaper from the Beverly Hills Hotel. At least not when there’s a much cheaper, temporary option available on Amazon.


Throw blanket with white tassel fringe.
Amazon Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket $50

Who’s buying a throw without tassels these days? Yes, a handmade option would be amazing. But if you’re just going to toss a blanket over your chair and use it from time to time, this little cutie will do.

All the Plants

Snake plant in a neutral planter.
Amazon Costa Farms Premium Live Indoor Snake Plant $38

When you’re ready to embrace your inner plant parent, you can order anything from small succulents to larger potted guys like this snake plant on Amazon. The nice thing is you’re still supporting growers from a farm in Florida, all whilst getting free shipping and saving yourself the time it takes to go to the nursery.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow modern side chair.
Amazon Rivet Farr Lotus Mid-Century Modern Accent Lounge Chair $549

Whether you call it Gen Z yellow or marigold, this color is having a major moment, particularly in upholstery and textiles. But how long can yellow stay golden? In my opinion, not long enough to spend much more than $500 on an accent chair. This guy comes in at just above that price point and will instantly introduce a cool, low slung shape to your living room setup.

Tie Dye

Blue and white tie dye pillow
Amazon Trade Star Exports Set Of 5 Tie Dye Cushion Covers $27

This childhood camp craft has officially grown up, now popping up on sofa, chair, and pillow fabrics. But I wouldn’t go full throttle on this one, at least not with a pricey designer piece in silk or any fine fabric. A set of inexpensive cotton cushion covers is all you need to try this one out and get the most bang for your buck.


Concrete vase with gold accent.
Amazon Rivet Modern Stoneware Home Decor Flower Vase $44

Those pricey concrete planters and vases you’re seeing everywhere are also on Amazon. This particular guy is fool-the-eye stoneware, making it lighter and cheaper. Order one to style out a bookshelf or fill it with flowers and put it on your coffee table.

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