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The $60 Amazon Lamp Our Editors Are Obsessing Over

Amazon might be best known as the go-to website for books, groceries, and basic supplies, but the online retail giant has been quietly excelling in one little-known area: home décor. Late last year, Amazon launched two in-house labels, midcentury-modern Rivet and farmhouse-style Stone & Beam, and when we browsed the products recently, we discovered a surprising amount of luxe-looking furniture and home accessories.

The one steal we can't stop talking about? The Rivet Glass Ball and Angled Metal Table Lamp, a stunning metal-and-glass orb light that costs just $60. Curious to know what the product is like in real life, we ordered it for closer inspection.

Here's our editor's honest review.

MyDomaine Review of Amazon Rivet Lamp

Packaging and Assembly

The lamp arrived in two pieces: the orb-like bulb was wrapped separately from the base, which comes fully assembled. While the assembly instructions looked complicated, I was surprised how easy it was to put together. Simply screw the supplied light bulb into the socket then place the glass orb over the top and twist until secure. 

The unpacking and assembly process took less than five minutes. All the necessary accessories, including the bulb, were supplied. 

Amazon Rivet Glass Ball and Angled Metal Table Lamp With Bulb
Amazon Rivet Glass Ball and Angled Metal Table Lamp With Bulb $68.00

First Impressions

When I came across this light on Amazon, I saw instant parallels with the IC T1 lamp by Italian designer Michael Anastassiades for Flos, which retails for $695. Given the huge price discrepancy, I wondered how the product would look in real life—would it be as sleek and minimal as the iconic Italian lamp?

On first glance, Amazon's Rivet lamp looks surprisingly luxe. The frosted orb looks expensive and the lamp's proportions work perfectly in our minimalist, modern office. Perhaps where it differs most from the IC T1 lamp is the brass finish: Amazon's is a brushed brass-look metal, which has touches of gray in the joinery. The base of the glass orb also has small holes, which are hidden at the back. All in all, there's very little to critique about this product. 

Amazon Rivet Lamp Review


Given the lamp costs just $60, I expected the quality to be compromised, but it's surprisingly well-made. Amazon has clearly taken a lot of pride in its first in-house home décor brand, and it shows. The product has a sturdy frame, there are few small parts that could break off, and it has a simple black switch that's concealed on the cord. 

Amazon Rivet Lamp

Final Word

Amazon's Rivet lamp totally exceeded expectation. Assembly was easy, the matte brushed brass looks expensive, and the design pares well in our monochrome, modern space. My only critique is the light bulb that comes with the order: It's a warm yellow light, which casts a slight tinge on the brass when switched on. I swapped it out for a cool white light, which made a big difference. 

The bottom line: Whether you're searching for an inexpensive light or an iconic statement piece, we think it's one purchase you won't regret. 

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