15 Thanksgiving Décor Items on Amazon That Won't Gobble Up Your Budget


New Darlings

All Thanksgiving hosts have their hands full. As far as food goes, they have to make sure the turkey is basted and the stuffing is moist, and that the mashed potatoes are smooth and the gravy is thick. And then there's the guest list: One aunt can't sit next to another uncle, while a sister-in-law won't do well to be near a certain brother. There are a lot of details to keep organized—and that's without even considering decorations.

While some might say that the average Thanksgiving guest only has tunnel vision for the many different dishes on the buffet line, we still think that decorations still do a lot to set the holiday mood. After all, if there isn't something to showcase the day, then the whole event is just a big dinner for family. That's why we chose 20 festive and budget-friendly Thanksgiving décor items at Amazon that you can order and display with ease.

From a colorful autumn garland for the dining table and a tree for the living room to gold card holders and wooden coasters for the details, you'll have all you need to pull off the decorating side of hosting without a hitch. For everything else, well, we have faith in you.