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It's Not Too Late, 7 Chic Valentine’s Day Decorations You Can Buy at the Last Minute

Valentine's Day Tablescape

The Every Hostess

Not to freak you out or anything, but Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. It doesn’t matter if you openly celebrate Valentine’s Day or think February 14 is an over-hyped, Hallmark holiday, we think we can all agree that this special day is a great excuse to dress up your home. (We mean, the next chance you’ll get is Easter, which is months away).

It doesn’t matter if you openly celebrate Valentine’s Day or think February 14 is an over-hyped, Hallmark holiday, we think we can all agree that this special day is a great excuse to dress up your home.

Problem is, most Valentine’s Day decorations aren’t conventionally stylish. There’s something about excess hearts, doilies, and Cupid statues that feel more contrite than chic. 

Well, until now, that is. 

To help ensure this year is your most stylish Valentine’s Day yet, we found seven surprisingly chic decorations to add to your e-cart. Best of all? If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can have these delivered to your doorstep on or before February 14. Whether you’re having a romantic night in with your special someone or throwing a Galentine’s Day soiree for your squad, there’s bound to be something for you below. 

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Red & Pink Glittery Heart Garland Banner

heart banner
TeePolly Red & Pink Glittery Heart Garland Banner $11.00

Let’s get one thing straight: Just because hearts are an ubiquitous Valentine’s Day symbol doesn’t mean you should nix the shape altogether. If we’re being totally honest, it’d be borderline impossible to decorate your home without a few hearts here and there.  But with a slim silhouette and glitter accents, TeePolly’s strand of garland feels like a festive, yet somewhat fancy, upgrade.

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Heart-Shaped Neon Light

neon heart light
BHCLIGHT LED Heart-Shaped Neon Sign $20.00

As far as we’re concerned, you can never go wrong with a neon light. The juxtaposition between the dainty heart shape and bright neon color makes this light one piece of Valentine’s Day décor we’d display year-round.

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Heart-Shaped Crystal

heart-shaped crystal
rockcloud Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Crystal $12.00

Consider rockcloud’s rose quartz crystals decorations that are equal parts practical and pretty. Whether you have high expectations for your and your partner’s plans or are tired of your co-worker setting you up on blind dates, Valentine’s Day can be unnecessarily stressful. Give your heart chakra the TLC it deserves with these heart-shaped rose quartz, which is known to combat stress and anxiety. Are crystals not your thing? Don’t worry, you can use these to fill an empty vase or hurricane.

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Heart-Shaped Spoons

heart-shaped spoons
Alessi Il Caffe Alessi Set of 4 Heart-Shaped Spoons $24.00

Whipping up a delicious, home-cooked meal for you and your beau? Alessi is here to help. The Italian brand uses its eye for modern, luxury design to strike a balance between form and function. Trust us, these heart-shaped spoons will elicit plenty of “awws” course after course.

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Metallic Rose Gold Tinsel Backdrop

metallic backdrop
GOER Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains for Party Photo Backdrop $10.00

Or, if you’re throwing a Galentine’s Day party for you and your friends, add a sparkly backdrop to the mix. After all, an awesome Galentine’s Day party deserves an Instagrammable moment. While GOER’s curtain is available in a handful of hues, the rose hold colorway strikes a balance between subtle and statement.

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Floral Wreath

flower wreath
The Wreath Depot Pink Medley Tulip Wreath $75.00

Whoever said roses were the ultimate flowers for Valentine’s Day hasn’t seen this tulip confection by the Wreath Depot. While the red and pink color palette are Valentine’s Day-friendly, the tulips keep this wreath looking anything but cheesy. Translation? You can repurpose this decoration once spring is in bloom.

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Love Candle

love candle
Homesick Love Candle $17.00

Of course, no Valentine’s Day is complete without some mood lighting. With notes like cassis, sandalwood, jasmine, and (obviously) rose, Homesick’s “Love” candle is one piece of décor that can appeal to all the senses. Whether you light it with a partner or as you’re meal prepping for the week ahead, your home will have the sweet, sweet smell of love. Swoon