5 Household Products You Never Thought Could Look This Good

Today marks the opening of Ambiente, where consumer products take center stage in a showing of the newest well-designed goods for the home. For five days in Frankfurt, Germany, almost 5,000 exhibitors will debut the latest innovations to hundreds of thousands of visitors from over 160 countries. This year’s fair will feature the U.S. as the partner country, with a special exhibition by two-time Ambiente Design Plus Award winner Scott Henderson. As a product designer, Henderson has made a career out of reimagining some of the most mundane objects, turning them into modern masterpieces.

When it comes to inspiration, Henderson is always on the lookout for products the consumer has come to accept as "good enough." “You don’t have to look very far at all to find products that have obvious opportunities for improvement,” says Henderson of the sea of opportunity for product designers. “I do find extra motivation in rethinking a forgotten product, but the reason so many mediocre products are allowed to exist on the market is that people do not necessarily dislike bad design; they are just indifferent towards it. Bad design is invisible.”

We asked Henderson to share his favorite everyday objects that have been reimagined in fantastic ways. Read on for his picks and visit ambiente.messefrankfurt.com for more on the latest in great design.