The One Thing Successful Women Are Doing That You Aren't

It’s an exciting time to be a woman. Female leaders worldwide are standing up and speaking out to help their struggling sisters regain power, to educate and inspire them to achieve personal success and to officially bridge that gender gap—the #MeToo movement shows no signs of slowing down. But despite these efforts, we are still largely underrepresented in STEM fields, politics, film, and more. America ranks 98th in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature, down from 59th in 1998—but all of that is changing with 61 women running for governor in 2018.

According to a University of Southern California report, from 2007 to 2014, women made up only 30.2% of all speaking and named characters in the 100 top-grossing fictional films distributed in the United States—and only 19.9% of female characters were aged 40 to 64. A mere 1.9% of all these movies were directed by women. Thankfully, actors like Reese Witherspoon are on a mission to tell more female-driven narratives that are also written and directed by women with her production company, Type A Films.

So to continue this progress, we looked to some of our motivational figureheads for some empowering advice that will help summon our inner ambition and move forward into a future where equality reigns.