5 Things Americans Do That Secretly Annoy the French

Updated 05/06/19
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Part of the mystique surrounding the French has to do with the inherent cultural differences between Americans and our more insouciant counterparts across the pond. Their approach to style, health, and interior design seems to be marked by a sheen of intriguing effortlessness, whereas Americans, at least stereotypically, aren't as "undone."

Unsurprisingly, there are differences in the way we communicate and socialize; those of which are clearly illuminated when Americans visit France (or vice versa). For some insight into the former, we scanned this Quora thread on the cultural differences between the French and Americans. Whether you're traveling to the European country or are simply looking to expand your worldview, consider the honest responses below.

Superficiality in personal relationships. The French are either genuinely interested in knowing more of a person or not. Americans can be very irritating when asking lots of casual questions while showing they have clearly no interest in knowing more about the person.

Speaking English, or rather, not understanding French, and forcing people to express their ideas with a clear handicap seems to be the worst offense.

Bragging about the superpowers of the USA or reversely disparaging everything about your own country. The French have a detached view of their country and they expect all people to show the same balance.

Lacking basic cultural knowledge or drowning people under PhD-level cultural knowledge. French people are exactly in the middle, knowing a bit of everything regarding history, arts, architecture, cooking, and so on.

Saying oh my god all the time and talking loudly to a person who is not deaf and is located 50cm away from you.

Americans: What's your side of the story? Share your thoughts below, and head over to the Quora thread for more.

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