Here's Some Info You'll Want to Know Before Naming Your Baby

Between eliminating anything that sounds remotely similar to the name of your archenemy and finally reaching agreement with a significant other, naming a newborn puts a lot of pressure on parents. If settling on a baby name wasn't difficult enough, a new study from Protection 1 adds another stipulation to the already tedious process. New research from the security solutions firm provides the most common criminal first names in America, which is a list you might want to take note of if it's any indication about how difficult your job as a parent could be in the future. We kid.

Either way, the results, which came from studying 30,000 arrest records, provide all kinds of interesting data from the name that commits specific crimes to the most criminal name per state. The site also provides a nifty search tool to check any name against their data base (prospective parents, this one's for you). A few of the top names with the overall most arrests (per 100,000 people with the same name) happen to be Jeremy, Johnny, Randy, Terry, and Bobby. Though there were not any among the top overall category, girl's names made up three of the top five most arrested people for fraud, and Melissa happens to be a pretty mischievous name in a certain state. Hopefully, this study won't add to the anxiety of choosing your child's name—it's only going to be something they live with for the rest of their life. Wink, wink.

Are you surprised by any of the names you found on this list? If you're in the process of researching baby names, pick up a copy of The Complete Book of Baby Names, which will give you plenty of ideas to choose from.