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Get in on the Amethyst Geode Décor Trend that Combines Wellness with Design

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The wellness movement has extended beyond health and into other aspects of our lives, from travel to the workplace, so it's only natural that it would begin to assert itself in the interior design world, too. "Crystals are beautiful and are said to provide different energies," explains Beatrice Fischel-Bock, CEO and co-founder of Hutch, a platform that mixes 3D technology with online shopping to let you virtually decorate your space.

Meet the Expert

Beatrice Fischel-Bock is the CEO and co-founder of Hutch, a home decor tool that allows you to virtually decorate your space. She was included in Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Retail & E-Commerce in 2018.

Whether you believe in its energy-altering qualities or not, crystal décor adds a unique touch to any space. Experiment with amethyst geode décor by placing decorative pieces on coffee tables, hanging artwork inspired by geode designs, or even creating an accent wall with mineral material. With a new item or two, a gorgeous interior is just a stone's throw away. Here's how to get the look.

Embrace Nature

amethyst geode
Katherine Carter

"I think decorating with geodes and crystals [is] more prevalent in areas where people are more in touch with nature," shares Fischel-Bock. Here, geode décor items are thoughtfully placed among books on a coffee table and on an accent table in this boho-chic, California-cool living room. The space is bright and airy, allowing the minerals to fit right into the earthy abode.

Cluster on a Console Table

amethyst geodes
Alyssa Rosenheck for Domino; DESIGN: Elsie Larson

Amethyst geode décor doesn't have to be large to make a statement and invite good vibes into your home. "There is such a thing as having too many," says Fischel-Bock. Instead of overpowering a space, simply cluster a small group of crystals on a console table. For a look that's truly understated, match the décor of the room to the color of the geodes so the stones blend in with their surroundings. 

Layer Near Art and Objects

geode rocks
Alyssa Rosenheck for Architectural Digest; DESIGN: Sean Anderson Design

"When incorporating a geode as a decorative object, I think it can look best with neutral and natural elements," Fischel-Bock states. Pair the object with other neutral decorative features to create a cohesive look. In this room, a geode is displayed atop a wood dresser alongside books, flowers, a vase, and artwork. Despite the striking black paint and chair, the color scheme remains neutral and muted.

When incorporating a geode as a decorative object, I think it can look best with neutral and natural elements.

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Place on a Coffee Table

crystal geode
Alyssa Rosenheck ; DESIGN: Alexis Bednyak Designs

According to Fischel-Bock, placing amethyst geode décor on top of a table is a super-chic way to test the waters with this design element. Big or small, these gorgeous, colorful objects can add an ethereal design aspect to any room when strategically displayed on a coffee table next to other unique objects.

Slivered Geode Coaster
Anthropologie Slivered Geode Coaster $14.00

Present with Flowers and Candles


Fischel-Bock believes geodes can work with just about anything. Embrace the serene vibes you wish to cultivate in your home, and display a decorative geode alongside candles and flowers. All of the items will work together to evoke a sense of calm and thoughtful curation of natural décor.

Agate Cheese Board
Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board $78.00

Pair with Other Crystals

Black Lacquer

One way to really increase the positive vibes generated from amethyst geode décor is to pair a display item with other crystals. You can even research how certain crystals and minerals react with one another to create the energy flow that's right for your home. Just don't go overboard, Fischel-Bock warns: "Some people can get carried away and spend thousands on crystals, so I would say keep it curated and small unless you are opening a meditation boutique."

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Use as a Base Material

geode rock
Elizabeth Roberts

Instead of simply displaying an amethyst geode on your coffee table, commit to the look, and use the mineral as material for major designs in your home. Here, a portion of the bathroom wall and the sink utilize the material to make a major statement in this chic washroom. If this is too much for your taste (or budget), start small with furniture accents. Fischel-Bock suggests replacing the hardware on furniture with geode knobs to re-create a modern piece.

Add to a Stack of Books

geode décor
Katherine Carter

A great way to incorporate geodes into a living area is by layering rocks with beautiful coffee table books. "Ideally, grab a stack of two to three books and put a crystal on top to give your table some personality," says Fichel-Bock. Take this one step further and find an accent table that's actually made of natural geodes.

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Arrange on a Bookshelf

crystal geodes
Studio Ashby

"I love to display geodes on a bookshelf among books and other objects," says Fischel-Bock. Add your stones to any shelf for a touch of natural, earthy décor. You can also incorporate stones in a bookshelf set up by finding a pair of geode bookends. They're functional, yet decorative.

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