Nov 9, 2015 Home

Home Tour: A Modern Bohemian Family Abode

by Jillian Knox Finley

Los Angeles–based interior designer Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors routinely turns out swoon-worthy, texture-rich bohemian spaces. Her latest project, a four-bedroom family home, perfectly melds the East Coast/West Coast sensibility of its owners. Filled with everything from traditional, clean furnishings to vibrant and eclectic California vibes, it achieves a striking balance we can’t get enough of. Welcome to the new Bohemia. Keep scrolling to hear more about the inspired space. 

“The house was a new build and felt very modern meets Cape Cod traditional,” Lewis tells us. The home of a young family, the designer set out to craft a dream home that married form and function, style and efficiencyand most of all, was built to last. “The challenge was to make the house polished and amazing but still kid-friendly. It was important to give them pieces that were beautiful, but nothing too precious,” says Lewis. The result is an effortlessly cool retreat ideal for entertaining.

We love the crisp black-and-white, high-contrast pieces paired with details of washed-out, restrained elegance. The artwork and textiles add beautiful texture and dimension. “Our goal was to make this a home they wanted to hang out in and bring all their friends over for a dinner partyor two,” continued Lewis.

Amber Interior Design White Small Triangle Copabu Bowl ($55)

The property itself (featuring four bedrooms and five and a half baths) was a custom build. Lewis drew inspiration from the locality and free-flowing, contemporary architecture. “Since it was a new build, we were really starting from scratch without existing pieces. This makes the process extra fun, and these are some of my favorite projects because everything jives with the overall vision,” she tells us.

Eliza Gran Malibu Pom Pom Basket ($220)

Vintage French Woven Dining Chair ($1200)

“The house is by the beach, so we took the surroundings into account and came up with a neutral palette of blues, grays, and whites,” the designer tells us. The aesthetic is East Coast classic meets West Coast chill. “The husband is from the East Coast and a little more traditional, while his wife is from the West Coast and brought some of that California Bohemian style. We blended the two to create a modern, crisp aesthetic.”

The Anderson Side Table ($3400)

Amber Interior Design Louis Sofa ($4845)

Painting Beyond Pollock by Morgan Falconer ($50)

Built from the ground up, Lewis blends the clean and modern surface materials with amazing vintage finds and layered textiles, mixing killer vintage with bespoke, modern pieces created in-house. Her favorite score? A set of leather chairs. “Those vintage leather chairsI contemplated proposing joint custody for them with the client, but ultimately, the space looked too good, I couldn’t take them away.”

Vintage Pair of Woven Leather Chairs ($4000)

In the bedrooms, Lewis achieves a masterful mixology of organic materiality and vibrant tribal prints. Many of the pieces were created in house at her studio using hand-selected textiles. 

Smilow Furniture Hand Woven Rush and Walnut Bench ($2650)

Matteo Vintage Cotton Flat Sheet ($102)

Amber Interior Design Alexandria ($195)

Injiri Injiri Single Bed Cover ($560)

Pottery Barn Elise Adjustable Sconce ($169)

For the family room, Lewis mixes warm heirloom woods, idyllic beach photography prints, cool dove grays, and rich sea blues.

Amber Interior Design Vintage Indigo Ottoman Cubes ($745)

Gypsy Sundance by Honey Lake Studio ($150)

With an adept mix of texture and clever blend of vintage and contemporary, the aesthetic feels at once crisp, bohemian, and laid-back. “We knew what we wanted to work with, and we let it roll from there,” says Lewis. “We never went astray from the idea to give them a modern, fresh space. It was just such a clear vision from the start.”

Archive New York Antiqua Pillow ($145)

We asked Lewis if she came away with a favorite room in the house. The designer confessed it would be impossible to choose just one, then added “I could chill on the daybed in the library all day long.” Sounds like paradise.

Injiri Injiri Cushion ($95)

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