Nov 6, 2017 Food

This Is the Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Thanksgiving Side Dish

by Christie Calucchia

Minimalist Baker

It's November, which means Thanksgiving food is on the brain. You've likely started thinking of all the indulgent foods you'll soon be enjoying surrounded by friends and family and comforting traditions. But enjoying a meal at the holidays doesn't have to uproot your healthy lifestyle—there are many ways to eat all the foods that stir up feelings of nostalgia that are also good for your health, specifically your gut. Refined carbohydrates, red meat, and margarine all cause inflammation, but by eating foods like tomatoes, olive oil, and green leafy vegetables, you can combat inflammation, which affects your immune system. Not sure what dish you'll bring to the table this Thanksgiving? Look no further than an anti-inflammatory vegan green bean casserole from Minimalist Baker. This simple side dish is always a hit at the holidays, but healthy ingredient swaps make this recipe much less indulgent than it tastes. Here's how to make this anti-inflammatory Thanksgiving side dish:


Green beans, cut in half
Sea salt and black pepper
Vegan butter or olive oil
Shallots, minced
Garlic, minced
Mushrooms, chopped
Vegetable broth
Unsweetened plain almond milk
Crispy fried onions, divided


Preheat oven, and add green beans to boiling water.

Prepare sauce.

Coat the vegetables with sauce and season.

Remove from heat, and toss with fried onions.

Bake for 15 minutes.

Head over to Minimalist Baker for the full vegan green bean casserole recipe.

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