Aug 1, 2016 Horoscopes

How to Handle the Lunar Eclipse This Month, According to Your Zodiac Sign

by Rose Theodora

At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that then get some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert, Rose Theodora. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Theodora shares what to expect this month—and what you'll need to get through it. 


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

It's officially Leo season: time to get in touch with your inner child, and let the star you aspire to be shine. It's time to be authentically you.

This month is a busy one so you'll need to prioritize. There are two major dates to look out for this month: a new moon on August 2 and a full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 18. New moons denote new beginnings, whereas lunar eclipses mean almost a year's worth of full moons wrapped up into one big one. Sound scary? Well, it can be life-changing, particularly if you're an Aquarius born between February 11 and February 19, a Leo born between August 11 and August 21, a Taurus born between May 10 and May 20, or a Scorpio born between November 12 and November 22. If this is the case, you'll feel the eclipse more than anyone. It will gift you a direct message, one of bravery and authenticity—so be you, and stop making excuses.

That said, we can all expect some shifts with the lunar eclipse. They can affect our home, family, and level of emotional comfort. They bring the subconscious into conscious awareness so that you can confront your own mental blocks by integrating newly discovered parts of yourself. In order to do so, you have to allow pieces of you to disintegrate and die, so that you can change and grow—which is necessary for your future. Get ready to see what the lunar eclipse has in store for you—and pick up your power product to help you make the most of it.

This month, you'll rekindle with your innocent childlike behavior and play with the creativity that still lies dormant within you. Be more open to the creative process, and allow it to lead the way. Let go of the need for approval, and just go with the flow. Integrate all parts of yourself into your creativity, and keep an open mind.

You could feel the need to lead a group, to join something new, or to feel that you belong. Remember that in getting to know your inner child, you'll find your way. After August 22, things get more serious, and you'll be focused on remedying all the indulgences you've had during August, so enjoy all this playtime while it lasts.

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Family matters will surface for you this month—perhaps even deep-seated ones. Every family has skeletons in the closet—sometimes we just don't know it yet. You may worry that family stress may affect your home or vice versa, or you may be realizing that a change in your career means a change for your family.

Whatever the outcome, try to go with the flow, and know that things are shifting for the best. Spending more time rummaging through your family lineage and memorabilia this month might reveal some answers, or at the very least inspire you and give you a deeper sense of belonging. After August 22, the mood lifts, and you'll be focused on having more fun.

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Work obligations subside, and that's a good thing. The eclipse on August 18 will allow you to let go of work responsibilities a little more. If you've wanted to go back to school or to take an extra course to enhance your knowledge, you'll soon have more time to focus on what makes you happy. Not only will you be better equipped and more refreshed for your job, but you'll cultivate more enthusiasm for your path in general.

Every once in a while, we need to indulge in some new stimuli in order continue doing the same thing. Sometimes we need to let something go entirely to discover more of what our heart wants. In August, your personal philosophy or religious beliefs are tried and tested as you come into more self-awareness.

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Work and monetary fluctuations are your focus in August. It's an excellent time to look into investing in yourself. Money comes easily to you now through your own efforts, but pay close attention to tax debt. If you owe anything or anyone, try to pay it off now before it weighs heavily on you.

August 18 will be a particularly resourceful, regenerative, and even sexually transformative time. If you're in a partnership, the way you give and receive love is shifting—pay close attention. Does your love come with attachments and expectations, or can you give more freely? You are experiencing some sort of metaphysical death. Go with it and you'll feel renewed in the months to come. 

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Happy birthday, Leo! The ball is in your court when it comes to relationships this month. If you're experiencing relationship issues or you've been arguing, now would be the time to tell the other person how you feel and to renegotiate the terms of your partnership.

You have a guardian angel looking over you this month. On August 2, there's a new moon in your sign and it's officially your New Year—so make a big glamorous wish! Stay centered, and share your abundant gifts with others—you are magnetic, and you have the Midas touch right now. Just make sure to make decisions about your relationships before the lunar eclipse on August 18 and all major financial decisions before August 30.

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You may fear being alone, even abandoned, but you shouldn't. Sometimes it's necessary to spend some alone time. This new sense of empowerment and reconnecting with yourself will help you give more of yourself.

Health matters might come up for you this month, so take extra care of your body. Let go of the need to conform to societal pressures about diet. You aren't the norm, and abiding by everyone else's opinion of what's healthy will not help you in any way. After August 22, things get smoother and you'll feel more supported.

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Timing is everything, and you'll come to realize this in August. The desire to join a group may be exactly what you're looking for—but only commit if you have the time. You are ripe with positivism, but letting go of group commitments and making a little more time for yourself and for your own creativity might be exactly what you need this month.

Let go of trying to please others all the time; it will benefit you immensely. Luckily the new moon on August 2 will help you to speak up and negotiate more directly. You'll have more time to focus on honing in on your creativity and making your home a sanctuary.

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Issues surrounding your home may come up for you in August, and you'll need to look at them directly and ask yourself: Should I stay or should I go? You'll need to make some sort of change, and luckily the lunar eclipse on August 18 will gift you the support and spontaneity needed to make it happen.

August brings about deeper balance in your home and career sectors. You may need to move due to work and career changes—so expect the unexpected. Money comes to you in unforeseen ways, and you'll be inspired to spend it just as easily—possibly on making your home more tranquil.

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August 2 is an auspicious day for you—the planet Mars enters your sign, and you'll get a big energy boost. Your personal philosophy is always important to you, but especially this month.

Practice what you preach in August. You'll need to look at what information you're sharing with others in contrast to what you're actually practicing. You may come to realize that what you've learned is much different from what you practice. Traveling both mentally and physically reminds you of your core essence and what's really important to you.

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This month is pretty golden for you. You're not one to ask for much, and you always insist on doing the right thing, but maybe it's time to receive and indulge a little. August 2 is a particularly potent new moon for you—it's time to let go and have a little fun. Connect deeper with those around you, and surrender.

This month is ideal for tackling debt—you might want to even think about accepting a little help. August gifts you a new sense of self-security at your most primal level—enjoy the process.

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August 2 is about getting clearer about what you want in a partnership. Whether in business or love—you'll need to set clear goals. The lunar eclipse on August 18 is indicative of change. This month will be about partnership dynamics, so it's crucial that you know what you really want. When the change occurs, you'll need to know where to stand.

You'll feel like you're wearing your emotions on your sleeve, which isn't always comfortable for you. Letting others know where you stand and how you feel from time to time is a necessary part of life. Be gentle with yourself, and remember that what you think and feel about yourself manifests in your relationships, so hold yourself in high regards and don't regret your vulnerabilities—we all have them.

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August has been somewhat of a grind, so the lunar eclipse on August 18 should be a period of reflection. You will likely have an innate need to let go of some deep-seated emotional baggage. Others will be more drawn to you for your empathic ways.

In order to gauge things accurately, you'll need to focus on regaining your emotional strength so that you can give of yourself more authentically—unless it's an issue directly related to you, in which case you should look at it and invest yourself emotionally to remedy the situation. After August 2, you'll have more energy to focus on the tasks at hand—moving you closer to your goals.

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