Nov 16, 2017 Relationships

It's Official: These Are the Best (and Worst) Cities to Be Single in 2017

by Kelsey Clark

Original Design by Alison Yousefi

Finding love is hard enough—never mind living in a city where the odds are unknowingly stacked against you. To help singles navigate the already-complicated dating landscape, WalletHub ranked 182 U.S. cities across 32 key indicators of dating-friendliness for 2017. "Our data set ranges from share of single population to number of online dating opportunities to nightlife options per capita," WalletHub explains. The analysts considered the 150 most populated U.S. cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state, ranking them across three key dimensions: economics, fun and recreation, and dating opportunities. Find the top five best and worst cities for 2017 singles below:

Best cities:

1. San Francisco, California

2. Atlanta, Georgia

3. Los Angeles, California

4. Denver, Colorado

5. San Diego, California

Worst cities:

1. South Burlington, Vermont

2. Brownsville, Texas

3. Pembroke Pines, Florida

4. Hialeah, Florida

5. Warwick, Rhode Island

Head over to WalletHub for the full analysis, and read up on the scientific reason you're attracted to the person who doesn't text you back next.

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