Jan 10, 2017 Tech

The Smartest Home Innovations Coming Your Way in 2017

by Gabrielle Savoie

Courtesy of Robson Rak Architects

It seems we're not so far away from living like The Jetsons in 2017. While a robotic butler seemed far-fetched on our favorite Saturday morning show a couple of decades ago, new technological advancements show us that we might, in fact, be living in the future. As the Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up in Las Vegas on Sunday, visions of home robots, smart refrigerators, and wrinkle-detecting mirrors reminded us that, short of flying cars and, we do actually live in the future. 

Are you looking to dry clean your shirts at home, voice command your lighting and heating, or shop for groceries right from your refrigerator? We give you the lowdown on the coolest and most design-worthy home tech scheduled to be released this year. Wondering what the home of the future looks like? It all starts with these brand-new smart home innovations coming your way in 2017.

Kuri Robot ($699)

Meet the most adorable competitor to Amazon Echo—Kuri, an intelligent home robot, is in preorder and will ship before the holidays this year.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator ($3900)

The refrigerator of the future has an Alexa-enabled app hub similar to a smart TV, which allows you to watch TV, stream music, shop for groceries, and look up recipes straight from your fridge.

Plume WiFi Pods ($69)

Never have bad WiFi again with Plume's self-optimizing WiFi pods, which plug into any outlet and maximize your network evenly throughout your home.

Hi Mirror ($190)

This vanity mirror assesses your skin's condition: wrinkles, complexion, dark circles, pores, and all—so you can optimize your beauty routine from home.

Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor ($250)

Netgear's baby monitor is more than just a camera. It allows you to listen and talk to your baby, control air quality, and play lights and sounds.

Aura Frame ($399)

Finally, a digital frame you'll actually want to display in your home. Better yet, upload images to connected frames anywhere, like your relatives from out of state.

LG Styler Clothing Care ($1800)

Dry clean your delicates right at home with the LG Styler, which features a pants press, sanitizer, wrinkle refresh, and gentle dryer.

Plum Wine Dispenser ($1499)

Shipping in Spring 2017, the Plum wine dispenser allows you to have wine by the glass at home without ever throwing out your bottles. The gadget cools and preserves your bottle of wine so you can have the perfect glass anytime.

Google Home ($129)

Google's answer to Amazon Echo is here—and it allows you to stream music, control your lighting and heat, and—obviously—search for anything using just your voice.

Which of these new innovations are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!