Dec 25, 2017 Food

The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes to Sip On All Season Long

by Hadley Mendelsohn

What do you love most about winter? Personally, we think it's hard to beat those cozy moments with nothing to do but sip on a warm, comforting cup of hot cocoa. Whether it's adding a dash of chocolate to our morning espresso, a creative take on the classic recipe for dessert, or even a simple, store-bought hot chocolate to enjoy on the go, we can't get enough of this childhood favorite. In fact, you can bet that we're enjoying some right now, and there's no doubt that we're trying to savor each sip.

And since "the more the merrier" has never been truer, we rounded up the best hot chocolate recipes we could find. We included only the best of the best, from decadent foodie favorites to healthy renditions, and we even included one that's spiked with tequila, so you can expect to find at least one hot cocoa recipe to devour. Now get ready to scroll through and drink up the best hot chocolate you've ever had.