Dec 4, 2017 Drinks

The 5 Best Rums for Eggnog, Just in Time for the Holidays

by Mandy Zee

Darren Muir/Stocksy

The arrival of winter means many things, not least of all an excuse to indulge in the world’s most decadent holiday beverage. Since just about every drink is made better with a splash of rum (hey, we’re all adults here), it’s well worth taking a look at what makes the best rum for eggnog. While the traditional recipe is fairly labor-intensive, you can make an ultra-drinkable holiday nog with ready-made eggnog and a splash of nutmeg.

Read on to discover five of the best rums for eggnog.

For holiday entertaining with low-expense, high-flavor batching, Bacardí is almost too good to be true. Because eggnog itself is so heavy on the palate, it’s important to opt for a flavorful, spice-heavy rum, and Bacardí Gold offers the perfect fix.

Bacardí Gold ($9)

One of the absolute best rums for eggnog, Smith & Cross not only looks gorgeous on the shelf, but it adds a luxe depth and rich flavor profile to traditional eggnog. Incredibly well balanced, this beloved Jamaican rum features notes of oak, spice, and stone fruit, and with a 57% ABV, a little goes a long way.

Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican Rum ($36)

With decadent flavors of caramel and cocoa, this Trinidadian rum is virtually tailor-made for eggnog. As food expert Alton Brown points out, eggnog is basically the ice cream of cocktails, so it stands to reason that a dessert-like rum like this is the perfect option.

Zaya Gran Reserva ($25)

Holiday-ready with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg, Sugar Island makes one of the best-tasting rums for eggnog. Crafted in the Virgin Islands, this spiced rum is ideal for mixing and lives up to its name with a slight sugary sweetness.

Sugar Island Spiced Rum ($18)

Cutwater Spirits has been steadily building a stellar reputation in the artisan liquor world, and a cup of eggnog made with its spiced rum is sure to impress. Indulgent and spice-forward, this small-batch rum highlights flavors of toffee, caramel, black pepper, hints of molasses, and clove, and it stands up beautifully to the richness of eggnog with the taste of a Christmas cookie.

Cutwater Three Sheets Spiced Rum ($30)

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