Nov 21, 2017 Travel

9 Surprising Items TSA Will Confiscate at the Airport

by Sophie Miura

Fashion Me Now

Few things are more annoying than having an item confiscated at the airport—especially when you're traveling for the holidays. When you've carefully rolled sweaters, bubble-wrapped breakable gifts, and neatly packed the essentials, being forced to rummage through your bag and leave an item behind is added stress you just don't need.

If you're flying locally or internationally this holiday season, it's worth taking a moment to check airport carry-on luggage restrictions to find out what you can and can't pack. Real Simple points out that beyond the basics (lighters, weapons, liquids over 3.4 ounces), there are a ton of lesser-known goods that will be confiscated by customs at the airport. It's also worth noting that any wrapped gifts will likely be scrutinized, as officers need to view the item inside before approving it. Leave these nine items at home:

1. Snow globes

2. Gel-type candles

3. Knitting needles

4. Jams and spreads with a gel-like consistency

5. Tools longer than seven inches

6. Half-used sunscreen, toothpaste, or other liquids in a container that exceeds 3.4 ounces (even if the liquid inside are below the limit)

7. Batteries

8. Nail scissors

9. Sporting goods, excluding balls

Have you had a surprising item confiscated by customs? Let us know what we should add to the list in the comments below.

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