May 29, 2017 Videos

So Here's Why Everyone's Adding This Green Liquid to Their Water

by Hadley Mendelsohn

The Chriselle Factor

There's a new emerald-hued liquid giving green juices a run for their money: chlorophyll. This healing plant pigment has been shown to protect the body against harmful toxins (and even cancer), and it has some detoxifying properties that boost your metabolic rate and prevent constipation. How? Chlorophyll is really similar to human hemoglobin, so it helps deliver oxygen throughout our bodies for optimal energy levels and a healthy immune system. But the reason it's so popular extends beyond those health benefits, too.

Instead of swallowing a vitamin or using protein powders that change the flavor of your favorite smoothies, you only need to add a few drops of chlorophyll, which is tasteless, to your beverage of choice. It's so convenient, in fact, that you can just add it to your water since hydrating is already a staple in your daily routine. For an even more potent wellness cocktail, we recommend trying the shot recipe in the Goop video below. You just need a lemon, some ginger, and liquid chlorophyll. Cheers!

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