Jan 3, 2018

Décor Formulas That Always Look Expensive

by Gabrielle Savoie

In a world where our Instagram feeds are filled with luxurious hotel rooms, Gucci loafers, and private planes, it takes a lot of discipline to not have expensive taste. We may want to decorate like Kendall Jenner, but we know our budget more closely resembles that of an up-and-coming model who just scored her first gig. While we may not have a champagne budget, we can certainly fake the look with a little décor savvy.

Of course, decorating on a budget doesn’t have to mean forgoing high style, but navigating the sea of products and prices isn’t always a walk in the park. We’ve rounded up our favorite effortless, expensive-looking décor combinations so you can make your home look like a million bucks even if your budget is closer to a thousand. Get inspired by seven décor combinations that always look expensive—no matter their price tag.

Celestial Prints + Sleek Sconces + Layered Linens


Courtesy of Homepolish

Elevate your bedroom by layering different linen textures and framing an inexpensive set of prints over your bed. The black frame around this black print makes it look extra luxe. Hang sconces instead of having bedside table lamps—even if they’re plug-in—to get that hotel look.

Brass Kitchen Pulls + Subway-Tile Wall + Drafter Stools


Courtesy of Lonny

It’s a combination we all know and love: Inexpensive classic subway tiles and brass hardware create a timeless look that will give your kitchen luxe appeal. For a bigger impact, take your subway tile all the way to the ceiling and tone down the room with rustic, industrial stools.

All-White Bedding + Canopy Bed + Metallic Sconce


Nicole Cohen

There’s nothing more serene and plush-looking than an all-white bedroom. Keep the monochrome palette by playing with height and textures. In this bedroom, a pair of metallic sconces makes a subtle statement to pull the whole room together.

Statement Chandelier + Midcentury Chairs + Round Mirror


Amy Bartlam

A round mirror has the uncanny ability to elevate any space. Pair it with a statement chandelier in your dining room and accent your table with simple but well-designed midcentury chairs for a look that’s both modern and sophisticated.

White Sofa + Marble Coffee Table + Camel Throw


Courtesy of One Kings Lane

White and camel (and every tone in between) make the ultimate chic color combination. Be bold enough to try a white sofa (you can Scotchgard it against stains and spills), and casually drape a camel throw over one of the sofa’s arms. Call it instant sophistication.

Slipcovered Linen Bed + Oversize Mirror + Mayan Throw


Tessa Neustadt via MyDomaine; DESIGN: Alexander Design

A slipcovered linen bed is not cheap, which is why it looks so effortlessly posh. Every once in a while, a great deal will come along for a slipcovered linen bed—but if it doesn’t, fake the look with a slipcovered headboard and matching bed skirt.

Traditional Turkish Rug + Black-and-White Photography + Sputnik Chandelier


Nicole Franzen

There’s something about black-and-white photography mixed with a traditional Turkish rug that has a refined and timeless air. Complete the look with a bold brass chandelier and midcentury chairs.

And now, the color that makes everything in your home look more expensive.