Oct 14, 2017

These 17 Halloween Tabletop Decorations Make Scary Look Chic

by Gabrielle Savoie

Sharon Radish for EyeSwoon

Throwing a Halloween party is an exciting endeavor—the creative costumes, the punch bowls, and the themed menu—but drawing the fine line between thematic and tacky décor can make or break your dinner party vibes. While it might be tempting to pick up just any stock Halloween tabletop decorations at the local party store, we’re showing you that with a bit of imagination and some clever table arrangements, you can set a bone-chilling vibe at the dinner table using items that you can keep year-round.

Thinking of buying fake cobwebs? We have just the right coasters for you. Want to scare your guests with a well-placed “surprise”? We know a few tumblers that will do the trick. Looking for the perfect spooky olive dish? We got you. Who says you need to retire your Halloween décor come November 1? Pick up these eerie Halloween tabletop decorations for your themed Halloween soirée, and use them all year long. They’re that good.

ABCDNA Entwine Black Doilies ($95)

Skip the fake cobwebs and serve your ghoulish cocktails on a hand-crocheted web-like doily instead.

Thomas Fuchs Blaze Barware Cocktail Shaker ($128)

Are you stirring up a delicious cocktail or fresh blood? No one will ever know.

Sletti Black Keytlery Cutlery Set ($367)

Flatware or torture chamber instruments? Set an eerie vibe at the dinner table with this keylock cutlery set.

NDI Rose Cloche ($599)

Trapping your florals in a glass cloche will give your centerpiece a spooky feel. At your dinner party, nothing—and no one—escapes alive.

CB2 Punch Bowl Ladle ( $16 ) ($9)

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without a smoky punch bowl filled with blood-red liquid and floating “eyeballs” (aka blueberry-stuffed lychees).

Lux/Eros Black Pyramid Stud Napkin Ring Set ( $35 ) ($26)

Resembling torture instruments, these glazed stoneware rings wrap scarily around your napkins to give your table a petrifying feel.

West Elm Northern Lights Glassware ($10)

Made of handblown glass, these slightly curved, smoke-stained conical glasses are just a little moody and edgy—perfect to hold your signature Halloween cocktail or blood-red wine.

Architect Made Black Candles ($10)

One of the easiest swaps to make at home come Halloween is to replace your pure white candles with moody black ones.

Lobmeyr Open Eye Tumblers ($240)

A blood-curdling surprise awaits whoever finishes their cocktail first with these tumblers by Lombeyr.

Thomas Fuchs Skull Marble Cheese Board ($358)

In lieu of plastic skulls as decoration, serve your moldy cheese on this black marble and abalone shell cheese board.

Anthropology Horta Wine Glass ( $14 ) ($10)

This ornate traditional wineglass screams more vampire feast than "pass me the Bordeaux".

NDI Amaryllis Rose ($998)

When choosing your flower arrangements, opt for deep, dark tones and unusual shapes.

Lux/Eros Black Pyramid Stud Plate ($50)

Hand-carved and stained in a pitch-black glaze, these macabre studded plates are ideal for a frightful evening.

Eskayel Napkins ($15)

Dip-dyed? Ink-blotted? Bloodstained? These patterned napkins by Eskayel will complete your spine-chilling tablescape.

Duna by Cutipol Matte Black Serveware ($13)

A matte black knife that looks closer to a scalpel than a serving utensil? This serveware is perfectly spooky.

Fornasetti "Woman's Face with Candle" Plate ($185)

Set the mood for telling scary ghost stories with this plate from Fornasetti. Consider it the grown-up version of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Thomas Fuchs Serpent Marble Wine-Bottle Coaster ($178)

Refill your wineglass—if you dare. Beware, this snake-like bottle coaster might bite.