Nov 10, 2017 Entertaining

This Holiday Table Setting Looks So Expensive (But Isn't)

by Michaela Bushkin

The most festive season of the year is fast approaching, and we're not wasting any time getting in the mood for some holiday cheer. Since we're sure to be invited to at least a few parties (we hope!) and likely throwing a couple of our own in the upcoming month, now is the time to brush up on our decorating and gift-wrapping skills.

Interested to find out the latest and simplest ways to add some chic touches to our holiday parties, we invited DIY extraordinaires Mindy Plaz and Krista Brumm to create a tablescape for our recent Elevated Entertaining event at the Ridgedale Center in Minnesota. The best part about their tips? They're all doable and affordable.

Want to get crafty this holiday season? Check out the genius ideas ahead.

Brumm led a workshop for holiday shoppers on how to create a simple yet beautiful tablescape. We'll be implementing her easy ideas way beyond the holiday season.

To begin a high impact, minimal effort holiday tablescape, Brumm recommends starting with fruit and greenery. You can pick up fresh fruit like the pears, lemons, and bright tangerines shown above from your local grocery store, and use any leafy greenery.

For your centerpiece, simply place a few leaves on a white cake platter and stack the fruit on top of the leaves. A simple DIY trick to elevate this look is to spray paint the fruit in metallic hues.

For your table setting, start with a gauze runner and place the greenery and random fruits on top. Use herbs or remaining flowers, and place them into your napkin rings to pull the overall look together. How simple is that? The final effect is a crisp, colorful tablescape perfect for all of your dinner parties this season.

Oh, and the best part is that the centerpieces won't die as quickly as flowers would, so you can leave your table decorated all season long.

When it comes to wrapping the many presents that are going under your tree, Plaz suggests you don't have to buy fancy wrapping paper. Instead, she prefers plain brown paper and twine for a look that stands out among all the shiny, shimmery gifts. Be sure to tuck in a few green leaves for a fresh touch.

To really make a gift feel personal, she likes to attach a photo of a special memory to the outside of the package. Friends and family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Ready to prepare for the holidays? Find everything used in these pretty DIYs at the Ridgedale Center.