Sep 18, 2014

5 Genius Ways to Cover Your Cords

by Peter Dolkas

Cords are a necessary evil; they light up our favorite lamps, charge our computers, and power our appliances, but they are undeniably unattractive. Instead of wallowing in despair over a gangly cord ruining your décor, why not embrace it? With a little bit of creativity and craftiness, your cords can soon become a favorite feature of any room. 

Add a rustic edge to your electricity by wrapping it up in this natural fiber.
Materials: Extension cord, jute rope, glue gun, glue sticks, scissors
The Tricky Part: Gluing the end of the jute so that it is tucked under the first wrapped loop.
Full Tutorial: The Vow

If you’re into clean lines and bright colors, this DIY is one to try.
Materials: Extension cord, washi tape, leather scraps, sew on snaps, embellishment, scissors, thread, glue, paper
The Tricky Part: Sewing the snap onto the leather wrap.
Full Tutorial: designlovefest

Be bold and turn your cords into a piece of sculpture with simple materials.
Materials: 3 extension cords, scissors, masking tape, 3 skeins of bulky yarn, 3 plastic cord tubes
The Tricky Part: Covering the plastic pipe and tape completely.
Full Tutorial: Design Sponge

A little bit of leather goes a long way when it comes to dressing up a cord.
Materials: Suede string, double sided tape, glue gun, glue sticks
The Tricky Part: Wrapping the wire tightly and evenly.  
Full Tutorial: House Tweaking

By stringing geometric beads on your cord, you’ll bring energy to the room before you even plug it in.
Materials: lamp wire, 125-volt connector, 125-volt plug, wooden beads, wire cutters, screwdriver set
The Tricky Part: Connecting the lamp wire to the outlet plug 
Full Tutorial: Remodelista

Have you ever covered your cords? Tell us how below…