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People Who Instantly Click With Everyone Have These 3 Traits

by Kelsey Clark

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Novels have been written about the intricacies of romantic relationships, while friendships, though equally important, tend to get the short end of the stick. But as Business Insider reports, one 2015 paper called "Friendship Chemistry: An Examination of Underlying Factors" "dissects the initial attraction between pals with as much rigor as is usually applied to the science of romantic connections."

Ultimately, they found that certain people are more likely to experience what they call "friendship chemistry" than others. The researchers define this as an "instant connection between friends that is easy and makes the relationship seem natural," reads the report, published in the Social Science Journal. Put simply, people who regularly experience this connection tend to be agreeable, open to experience, and conscientious—three of the "big five" personality traits.

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers asked 1300 adults to consider whether they had ever experienced this friendship chemistry. Those who answered "yes" were then asked to think about the specific friend they instantly clicked with and answer a rigorous series of questions. If they answered no, they were asked to think about why they hadn't experienced this connection. The participants also completed a personality questionnaire.

"All three traits are associated with good communication skills, which in turn facilitate friendship chemistry," explains BI. Personality aside, previous studies have found that disclosing information about yourself can help deepen a friendship almost immediately. "The two caveats are that the sharing has to be mutual and you can't get too personal too quickly," they add.

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