Nov 17, 2017 Career

This Is the Easiest (and Most Effective) Way to Relieve Holiday Work Stress

by Kelsey Clark


While some find it easy to fully succumb to the spirit of the holiday season, others experience stress and anxiety over looming deadlines and financial expectations. If you tend to fall into the latter camp, Inc. suggests taking a two-pronged approach to combatting holiday stress. "Regardless of how and where you work to relieve stress, it's important that both employers and employees make it a priority in order to be successful," writes Adam Heitzman, contributing writer and co-founder of HigherVisibility. Consider the following five tips your holiday de-stressing checklist.

  • Make time for exercise. Exercise is probably the easiest way to ease anxiety and carve out time for yourself; it's a known stress-reliever and prompts your brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters. "Even if you take time out to exercise instead of work, you may be more efficient overall and still get just as much done, but in less time and with less stress," explains Heitzman.
  • Ditch processed foods. It's the season of indulging, but candy bars, fries, and chips can "raise and lower blood sugars too drastically and actually cause you to feel lethargic and affect your mood negatively."
  • Drink lots of water. "This is a huge one for the workplace," he writes. "Remember that coffee actually dehydrates you, so you have to make sure you're drinking lots of water so that you can stay alert."
  • Make a holiday to-do list. If you start preparing now, chances are you'll feel less stressed come December. "Create your list well ahead of time, and then add to it as time passes," explains Heitzman. "This will help you feel more organized so when the holidays come around, you can hit the ground running instead of getting overwhelmed."
  • Prioritize. "This will not only give you more tools to decide what can wait and what has to be done, but it will help you anticipate anything that could go wrong; thus helping avoid even more stress in the future."

Head over to Inc. for more ways to combat holiday work stress, and read up on how to deal with job burnout next.

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