Nov 16, 2017 Relationships

People With This Subtle Feature Are Innately More Attractive, Study Finds

by Christie Calucchia

Brooke Testoni

When asked what aesthetic feature you admire most in a potential S.O., there's a good chance you describe their dreamy, deep, or moody eyes. While having objectively captivating eyes or the ability to hold strong eye contact with someone both contribute to a person's attractiveness, it turns out that there's one small detail that can push you ahead of the pack in terms of natural beauty: The dark ring that outlines your iris, otherwise known as the limbal. A recent study found that people with a strong limbal ring were viewed as more attractive than those without, MindBodyGreen reports.

According to the authors of this study, limbal rings appear stronger or weaker based on your health and age. They analyzed three different tests to determine how limbal rings are related to a person's facial attractiveness. One study they referenced found that participants rated people with limbal rings as healthier. Another found that women preferred those with limbal rings as potential short-term mates over those without. A final study cited by the researchers found women rated others with limbal rings as more desirable short-term mates.

This little-known feature may be the reason you find yourself more attracted to certain people. It might be subtle, but it appears to make a quite an impact. Do you have this one feature? Take a glance at how strong your limbal ring is next time you pass a mirror.

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