Sep 22, 2017

PSA: There's a New Email Scam Targeting Netflix Users

by Christie Calucchia


There's nothing more satisfying than coming home from a strenuous day and seeing the cherry red lettering of the Netflix logo appear on your screen. But as The Guardian reports, you should exercise caution if that same logo pops up in your inbox this week. According to the news outlet, scammers are attempting to obtain your payment information by posing as a support email from Netflix.

The scam involves an email from the address, which notifies Netflix users that a hold was put on their account due a problem with their last payment. The email contains a link that takes users to a fake Netflix page, which prompts you to enter your bank information in order to update your account and remove the hold.

With well over 100 million Netflix subscribers, this scam is targeting a large group of people. The Guardian warns that you should be skeptical of any email with embedded links and that you should always open a new browser to log into an account instead of clicking through a link.

Read the full story at The Guardian and read up on how to avoid this common online shopping scam next.

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