Jan 14, 2016 Décor

11 Trends We Should Retire in 2016

by Gabrielle Savoie

Trends—they’re just like catchy pop songs or summer romances. We notice them, fall head over heels in love with them, and can’t get enough of them, until the day where we’ve had enough and we move on to the next. We’ve seen our fair share of great décor trends in 2015, some of them a little too much. Don’t get us wrong: We still love most of these, but in the name of keeping it fresh, we’ve rounded up some great alternatives to 2015’s most popular trends. Keep scrolling for a breakdown of trends that need refreshing up in 2016.

Molded Plastic Chairs


Nacho Uribe

They’re classic and iconic and will never go out of style. We’ve also seen them one billion times in seemingly every kitchen, dining room, and home office on the Internet.

Instead try: Muuto Fiber chair

Muuto Fiber Chair ($349)

Moroccan Poufs


Courtesy of Veneer Designs

We love the layering effect of the Moroccan pouf, but we’ve seen them one too many times. Instead, try looking for alternative floor cushion options, such as the glorious kilim floor pillows below.

Instead try: kilim floor pillows


Nicole Franzen

House of Cindy Red Moroccan Kilim Floor Pillow ( $365 ) ($295)

Macramé Hangings


Alla Bilder

While we still enjoy a well-placed macramé wall hanging, we know this trend caught up so quickly it will inevitably fall. That being said, people have been hanging textiles on their walls for centuries, from the more traditional tapestries to bolder Moroccan rugs.

Instead try: Boucharouette wall art

Reflecting Diamond Boucharouette Wall Art ($498)

Concrete Floors


via Elle Decoration, styling by Tina Hellberg

Concrete floors can feel a little cold in a home, but we’re eyeing an alternative that will make a huge comeback in 2016: the terrazzo floor. Anyone else feeling a pinch of nostalgia for these floors that graced our school bathrooms in the '90s?

Instead try: terrazzo floors


Nicole Franzen

Batik Pillows


Courtesy of Amber Interiors

We really, really love batik pillows, but when big brand stores start making copies of a trend, we know it’s time to move on. We scoured the Amber Interiors Shoppe to find the latest alternative, and were positively charmed by injiri pillows.

Instead try: injiri pillows

Amber Interiors Injiri Cushion ($95)

Beni Ourain Rugs


Sarah Yates Mora

We’re still on the fence with Beni Ourain rugs. One day we love them, another we’ve seen enough. If you fall in the latter camp, consider our latest obsession: the vintage Oushak rug, perfectly faded and elegant.

Instead try: vintage Oushak rugs


Lisa Romerein via C Magazine

Oushak Pile Rug ( $5500 ) ($3909)

Bright Neon Tones


Ingalls Photography via Lonny

Some colors are best used in very small quantities or left to the kids’ room altogether. After seeing a vast collection of super-bright rooms, we’re ready for the muted Serenity and Rose Quartz rooms to come this year.

Instead try: muted pastels


Courtesy of Fantastic Frank


Serena & Lily Tucker Chair ($188)

Eames Lounge Chair


Courtesy of Ashe + Leandro

Here’s another classic that will definitely stick around for many years to come. We love it, it’s just that there are so many great midcentury lounge chairs that could sometimes take the place of the iconic Eames lounge chair. Exhibit A: the Flag Halyard below.

Instead try: the Flag Halyard chair


Courtesy of T Magazine


Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair ($10200)

Fiddle Leaf Figs


Eve Wilson via Vogue Living, design by Hecker Guthrie

The fiddle leaf fig is like the chevron of plants. It stuck around for ages, despite the fact that there are countless other options. Sure, it’s a beautiful sculptural plant, but we’re ready for something new.

Instead try: bird of paradise


via Coastal Style

Stuck On Hue Banana Palm Linen Pillow Cover ($28)

All-White Kitchens


Nicole LaMotte via One Kings Lane

There will always be a place in our hearts for timeless all-white kitchens, but we’ve spotted so many great kitchens in gorgeous muted green and blue tones that we just want to see more of that for a little while.

Instead try: dusty blue or green cabinets


Courtesy of Gisbert Pöppler

Classic Subway Tile


Courtesy of Katie Martinez

The subway tile will never go out of style. That being said, for people looking for something a little more bold and beautiful, we highly recommend giving geometric encaustic tiles a try.

Instead try: cubic tile


Courtesy of Suzy Hoodless

Encaustic Tiles Geometric Midnight Blue Encaustic Tile (£77)

What décor trends are you not ready to let go of? Tell us in the comments below.

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