Nov 29, 2017 Pregnancy

This Is the #1 Most Popular Baby Name in 2017

by Christie Calucchia


When it comes to naming your child, the number of choices can be daunting. This moniker may very well define your little one for the rest of their life, so how do you choose? You could select an old family favorite, name them after someone who's been an inspiration in your life, look to another country's traditions, or pick something out of the box and original. To help narrow down the choices, you may want to consider the most popular baby names of the year. This year, the most popular baby names are Atticus and Olivia, according to

Olivia has been a leading contender for two years in a row, while Atticus is a newcomer that's staking a claim for the top spot. These lists are determined by a measure of which names attract the most of Nameberry's page views versus how many parents end up choosing those names. This year's results show a new trend in baby names in which parents are increasingly avoiding traditional family names and opting for more stylish options.

Among the most popular baby names, Atticus and Olivia are joined at the top of the list by Asher, Cora, Jack, Amelia, Theodore, Charlotte, Jasper, Isla, Milo, and Isabella.

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