Nov 16, 2017 Career

The 60-Minute Morning Routine a Productivity Expert Lives By

by Kelsey Clark


While we've looked to countless successful businesswomen, actresses, and health professionals for their foolproof morning routines, who better to consult than a productivity expert? In that vein, Business Insider recently tapped Tim Ferriss, an angel investor and the New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, to share his exact morning routine down to the minute. Below, read up on what Ferris does each and every morning to maximize productivity and set himself up for success:

Step one: Meditate for 20 minutes. "That's 20 minutes of seated transcendental meditation — it could be Vipassana, it could be Headspace — and then two-minute decompression period where I sit there and let my mind do whatever it wants to do."

Step two: Drink tea. "I get up, brew tea — very frequently oolong tea or some combination of, say, turmeric, ginger, and pu-erh."

Step three: Journal. "There are two different types of journaling I do, depending on the day, for different purposes. [One is] called 'The Five-Minute Journal.' [I write] down three or four bullets of items or people or relationships, anything I’m grateful for, which is a very, very nice way to set the rest of the day so that you're viewing life through a lens of positivity."

Step four: Eat breakfast. "After that I'm having a small amount to eat" before a morning workout. 

Step five: Exercise. "That exercise could be riding on a Peloton bike and doing a 20-minute HIIT workout, or it could be acroyoga, or it could be weight training or working on a Concept 2 rower. 

Step six: Shower. "Off to the day." 

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