Dec 29, 2017 Travel

These Are the World’s 5 Richest, Happiest, and Healthiest Countries



The Legatum Institute has released its 11th annual global Prosperity Index, a mega-survey that ranks the most prosperous countries in the world. But prosperity is about more than just money: Countries are ranked on factors such as business environment, governance, personal freedom, social capital, safety and security, education, health, and natural environment. Business Insider has revealed the top 28 lucky countries… here's a peek at the top five.

5. Sweden
Climbing three places from 2016's index, the standout Scandinavian nation has the number-one ranking for economic equality.

4. Switzerland
Boasting excellent healthcare and top-notch education (first overall), it's not hard to see the Swiss advantage.

3. Finland
The Finns are number one in the world when it comes to governance. It's also the safest nation on earth.

2. New Zealand
The Kiwis may have lost the top spot (they came first in 2016), but they're still the world's best when it comes to personal freedom.

1. Norway
The stunning Scandi nation has the best natural environment in the world, the second best governance, and the third best safety and security.

As for the U.S., we ranked 18th—but we took the top spot for business environment.

To see how other countries fared, head over to Business Insider, then check out Google's hottest destinations for 2018.

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