Nov 9, 2017 Career

If You Do These 3 Things at Work, You're Going to Be Really Successful

by Kelsey Clark

The Badlands

The early stages of your career are wrought with uncertainty—despite the best intentions, your professional path is more or less still a question mark. Coupled with the fact that we as humans tend to underestimate ourselves, it's natural to look for some form of outside validation. As Business Insider points out, there are some subtle cues that indicate you're "doing better at this thing called life than you'd be inclined to believe." Based on expert opinion and research, the following three traits could indicate that you're destined for a highly successful career:

Questioning the seemingly unquestionable processes surrounding you is an innate sign of creativity and intelligence. That's according to John Sculley, a former Apple CEO and president of Pepsi, who describes himself as "insatiably curious" on an episode of Business Insider's Success! How I Did It podcast. He also speaks to his inclination to always ask questions, like "Why is it done this way?" He even goes as far as to say that success is "largely about the willingness to solve a problem in a way that's never been solved before."

Countless leaders, from Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs, have cited visualization as a powerful technique in manifesting success. Nathaniel Koloc, former ReWork CEO, is in agreement; he told the Harvard Business Review that asking yourself questions like, "What does my ideal average day look like?" and "What kinds of people do I want to be connected with or meeting?" can help build a meaningful career. Simply being able to visualize yourself achieving success and living your dream life can go a long way.

Many highly successful people can understand and appreciate the indisputable value of failure. Rather than viewing it as a setback, they see it as a learning opportunity. "If you are not in your own professional life and your professional career kind of wiping out and getting beaned in the face every once in a while, you aren't trying hard enough," said Scott Galloway, a clinical professor of marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business, to BI. He argues that the four major tech titans of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all open to occasional failure if it means they're trying something new. 

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